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CNA Quiz 10


When a CNA talks to a resident that avoids eye contact, the resident's behavior is an example of: nonverbal communication
A resident with aphasia is: unable to speak
Standard precautions does not include: boiling used equipment
Labored, difficult, painful breathing is known as: dyspnea
You notice a fire in the resident's room. The first thing to do is: remove the resident to a safe area
When providing support to the family of the dying resident, the nurse aide should: accept their expression of feelings
A resident with terminal cancer disagree with her doctor about the disease. According to Kubler-Ross, what stage of grieving is she in? denial
When using assistive devices, the nurse assistan should assist the resident to: increase their independence
After getting the resident up in a chair, the nurse assistant should: turn on the T.V., put the call light near the resident, and ask if there is anything more they need
Prior to giving a shower or tub bath the most important step is: asking for permission
When making observations on a resident's condition, which of the following senses is not used? taste
Which of the following is a good bridge to communication? sitting at the same level as the resident
Which of the following is a sign of infection? a rectal temperature of 102.4 degrees
Wrinkles in the bed should be avoided because: they can cause skin irritations and bed sores
A toothette is used for: cleaning the unconscious
When dressing a resident with a weak left side you should: dress the weak side first
Which of the followin is not drying to the skin? bath oil
A resident and their family want to reward you for a job well done and offer you money. What should you do? thank them and state "I do not need money to care for my residents"
Which of the following can cause bed sores? wrinkles in the bed linen
If a resident is confused or mentally ill, it may help to: tell them the day, date, and time at every meeting
How can you help resident's become incontinent? respond quickly to a resident's call use to use the bathroom or bedpan
A resident refuses to take a shower today, what should you do? notify the charge nurse and try again later
You notice a bruise on the resident's arm, what should you do? notify the charge nurse
What is the number one cause of injury in the home setting? falls
Keeping furniture and belongings in the same place is especially important for which of the following residents with visual impairments
If a resident is being fed through a tube, the head of the bed should be: elevated at an angle of 45 degrees
Unconscious residents should receive special mouth care: every two hours
When a resident is using the shower, the nurse assistant should: stay with the resident
When turning a resident in bed after hip surgery you should use: the logrolling technique
A resident falls while you are in the room. They say that they are not hurt. What should you do? immediately call for Licensed help
Which of the following is a symptom of dehydration? confusion
When ambulating a resident with a weak right side, which side do you give assistance to? the weak side
If a resident is paralyzed, the focus of care you provide will be on which of the following areas? safety issues relating to loss of sensation
If a resident has Alzheimer's disease, the focuse of care you provide will be on which of the following: maintaining a routine
Which statement about roommates is true? roommates should be cared for as individual people
When should universal precautions be used? when providing care for each person
A sturdy box that cannot be punctured by sharp objects is known as: sharps container
To destroy all microorganisms and spores is to: sterilize
Which of the following statements about infection control is TRUE? contagious
Something that kills or slows the growth of pathogens is: disinfection
Germs that are spread by breathing, coughing, or sneezing are called: airborne germs
Which of the following is a reason to place someone in isolation? the person has many infected dressings
When you take soiled linens to the laundry hamper, you should: hold them away from your uniform
Which is not a sign of infection? high blood pressure
When admitting a resident to a nursing home, one of your task is to use a laundry marker to label: her clothing
When you are providing care for residents: never let them know you as a person
A resident's anger or agitation can really mean: they are frightened and confused
Touching of a resident is acceptable when it: shows caring or kindness
Created by: Drk360
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