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CNA Quiz 12


When making observations about a resident's condition, which one of the following senses in NOT used? taste
Which of the following is a good bridge to communications? sitting at the same level as the resident
Which of the following is a nursing home resdient's RIGHT? to know what their care will cost
When providing care for two residents in the same room, you should: wash your hands before providing care to each resident
Which of the following pulse readings is normal? 76 beats per minute
Which of the following is a sign of infection? a rectal temperature of 102 degrees
When admitting a new resident, accompanied by their daughter, how should you deal with the daughter? include her in the admitting process as much as possible
Wrinkles in the bed linen should be avoided because: the can cause skin irritations and bed sores
A resident is learning to care for themselves after a stroke. How can a nurse assistance help if the resident hesitates while trying to dress themselves? remind them what to do next
When providing mouth care for the unconscious resident: position the resident's head to the side to prevent aspiration
Which of the following can improve circulation in the skin? giving a resident's a back rub
Residents' rights are vitally important. Which of the following is TRUE? a facility could be closed if its residents' rights are not protected adequately
Which question is NOT important for a nurse assistant to ask themselves before moving a resident? do I have the television turned off
You enter a room and discover that a resident has fallen. What should you do? stay with the resdient and shout for help
A resident is having trouble hearing what you are saying. Which of the following is a good way to handle this situation? write messages if necessary
What is the expected normal reading for an oral temperature? 98.6
What should be done with personal items (like family pictures or a radio) when a resident is admitted to a nursing home? label them and record them on an inventory sheet and ask the resident where they would like them placed in their room
As a person gets older, blood pressure generally: tends to rise
When bathing a resident, the water should be: warm to the touch
When shaving a resident, a nurse assistant should: wash their hands and wear disposable gloves
Which of the following can cause bed sores? poor blood circulation
If a resident is confused or mentally ill, it may help to: talk about familiar objects, people and events
How can a nurse assistant help female residents avoid becoming incontinent? respond quickly to a resident's call to go to the bathroom or use a bedpan
Which one of the following in NOT something a nurse assistant should do to make sure a resident's digestive system works as well as possible? encourage residents to eat sweets
A resident with a bone disease has been given a walker, but does not want to use it. You should: encourage them to try walking with the device
Which of the following should be reported to the charge nurse: a resident's complaint about ear pain
What does it mean if a resident is in STRICT ISOLATION? the resident must be kept in a private room, and the door must be kept closed
Why might an older resident need to urinate more frequently than a younger person? the bladder of an older person is less elastic
An older resident complains that the bath water is too cool. To you it seems warm to touch. Why do you think they might be complaining? their skin may be more sensitive to heat than your skin
Which of the following in the number one cause of fires in nursing homes? older persons like to complain
Which of the following statments about perineal care is TRUE? it is important to encourage a resident to do their own perineal care
A resident spills juice on the floor of their room. You should: wipe the spilled juice immediately
Keeping furniture and belongings in the same place is especially important for which of the following kins of residents? resdients with visual impairments
A temperature should be taken orally if a resident: is alert and oriented
If a resident is being fed through a feeding tube, the resident's head should be: elevated slightly, at an angle of 30 degrees
Residents with Alzheimer's disease must be: supervised carefully to be sure they do not wander away from the facility
When a resident dies, which of the following is an appropriate action? encourage other residents to attend the memorial service if they can
Which of the following is a sign of infection? coughing
You should not provide care to residents if you have: open cuts, or oozing sores (on your hands)
Unconscious residents should receive special mouth care: every two hours
When a resident is using a shower, the nurse assistant should: stay with the resident
A resident falls while you are in the room. They say that they are not hurt. Should you report the accident to the the charge nurse? yes
Which of the following helps germs multiply? moisture
You are wearing a gown while repositioning a patient with open sores. If the gown is not soiled: you should still discard it or bag it and send it to be washed
A resident with arthritis complains of feeling stiff and having trouble moving. What can you do to help? give a warm tub bath
To comfort a resident who is dying: be there and listen
Which of the following is NOT one of the principles of care? dependence
You are helping a resident walk to the dining room. They are getting short of breath. What should you do? let the resident stop and rest
Which of the following in NOT important to consider when a nurse assistant plans their care schedule for the day? their plans for after-work hours
What is the function of a long-term care ombudsman? to handle problems and complaints from residents of long term care facilities
Created by: Drk360
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