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wh 7th grade science

wh 7th grade science notes for mrs. frerichs

bio life
ology study of
marine ocean
ist person
herpe reptile
bota plants
ocean ocean
graphy to chart
ornith birds
ichty fish
re again
astro space
scientist use method
scientific methods the way in which scientist follow steps to answer questions and solve problems
hypothesis is a possible explanation or answer to a question
living things have cells
cell the basic unit of life
unicellular means one cell
multicellular means many cells
living things sense and respond to _____ stimuli
stimuli a change that affects the activty of an organism
homeostasis to mantain a stable internal condition
all living things ______ reproduce
asexual reproduction you repduce with one parent
sexual reproduction 2 parent off spring
all living thing have dna
dna stands for deoxyribonuleic replaic acid
heredity passing of trates from one geration to the next
metabolism the sum of all the chemical reactions in your body
adaptation to make organisms suitable to a way of life
the organism needs _______, ________, _______, and ________ food water air shelter
cells are made up of approxitmately _____% water 70
you cAn go ___ days without water 3
most chemical reactions require _____ water
you can go ______ weeks without food 3
producers organisms that makes its own food
hetero different
______ is another name for producers autotroph
consumers they depend on other organisms for food
auto self
troph feed
______ is another name for consumers heterotroph
de down
decomposers get food by breaking down dead organisms or animal waste
molecule two or more atoms put together
compound two or more different molecules put together
organic living or once living
inorganic never living
macromolecule very large molecules
there are ___ different amino acids 20
enzyms speed up chmemical rections
_____ makes animals crunchy chitin
herbivores eat plants
carnivores eat meat
omnivores eat plants and animals
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