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Latin 1 Words

Words found in Latin 1

a, ab by, from
ad to, toward
ager,-gri m. feild
agricola, -ae, m. farmer
altus-a-um high, deep
amicus, -i m. friend
amo love
animus, -i m. spirit
annus, -i. m. year
ante before
antea before
antiquus -a -um ancient
appello name
apud among, near
aqua, -ae f. water
auxilium, -i. n. aid
bellum, -i n. war
certus -a -um certain
clamo shout
clarus-a-um bright
confirmo strengthen
consilim, -i n. plan
cum with
cura, -ae. f. care, trouble
dominus, -i m. master
donum, -i. n gift
dux, ducis m. leader
eius his, her, its
eorum, earum, eorum their
etiam even, as yet
exspecto wait for
fabula, -ae f. story
fidus -a -um faithful
filia, -ae f. daughter
filius -i m. son
fuga -ae f. flight
gladius -i m sword
habeo have, deliver
habito inhabit, dwell
hic, haec, hoc (huius) this, he, she, it
iam already now
in (abl) on, in
in (acc) into, in
inimicus -a -um unfriendly
insula -ae f. island
inter between, among
is, ea, id this, that, he, she, it
laboro work, toil
latus -a -um wide, broad
laudo praise
liber-era-erum free
liberi -orum m. children
lingua -ae f. language, tongue
locus -i m place
longus -a -um long
magnopere greatly
meus -a -um my, mine
miles, -ites m. soldier
miser -era -erum wretched
mitto -ere misi, missus send
moneo warn, remind
multus -a -um much, many
nam for
nauta -ae m sailor
-ne sign of question (with yes or no answer expected)
nonne sign of question (expecting yes answer)
noster -tra -trum our
num sign of question (expectiong a no answer)
nuntio announce
nuntius -i m messenger
ob on account of
occupo seize
oppidum -i n town
oro pray, beg
paratus -a -um ready
patria -ae f. father-land
pecunia -ae. f. money
per through, for
poena, -ae f. punishment
porto carry, bear, bring
postea after, afterward
praeda, -ae f booty
praemium -i n reward, prize
pro for, in behalf of
proelium -i n battle
pugno fight
pulcher-chra-chrum pretty
quam then
-que and
quis, quid who? what?
quod or quia because
quoque also
regina -ae f. queen
reliquus -a -um rest of, remaining
rogo ask, ask for
saepe often
sagitta -ae f arrow
saxum -i n rock
sedeo -ere, sedi sit, settle
semper always
servo save, keep
silva -ae f. forest, woods
socius ally
spero hope
statim immediately
supero conquer
suus -a -um his, her, its
tandem at last
tardus -a -um late
telum -i n weapon
teneo hold, posses
tum then, at that time
tuus -a -um your
vasto devastate
verus -a -um true, real
vester-tra-trum your
victoria -ae f victory
vicus -i m village
vita -ae f life
voco call, summon
vos you
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