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WeBelieve-Unit4 test


Sharing in God's goodness and responding to God's Love by the way we live holiness
Way to communicate with God prayer
The official public prayer of the Church is liturgy
A special sign given to us by Jesus through which we share in Gods's life is sacrament
The seven ________ of the Holy Spirit help us to follow God's law and live as Jesus did gifts
The good things people see in us when we respond to the gifts of the Holy Spirit fruits of the Holy Spirit
In each sacrament we celebrate? God's love for us
The two most important prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours are? Morning and evening prayers
We receive _______ in the sacrament of Confirmation the gifts of the Holy Spirit
The seven (7) gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, & fear of the Lord
The Lord's Prayer is also called the? Our Father
What is the importance of the Lord's Prayer? sums up Jesus's teachings and our promise to follow God's will
Laws that help us know and fulfill our responsibilities as members of the Church are called? precepts of the Church
The priest who leads the parish in worship, prayer, and teaching is the _______? pastor
Leaders of the Church who continue the work of the apostles are called? bishops
Catholics in nearby neighborhoods who worship together, work together, and belong to the same _______ . parish
Severs the parish by preaching, baptizing, and assisting the pastor are called? deacons
The door to the rest of the sacraments; it welcomes us to the Church. Baptisim
Doing penance ________ , _________ . 1. helps us to focus on God and the things that are important in our lives as Christians, and 2. is a way to show we are sorry for our sins.
The life of Christ grows in each of us thought the _____ of the Church precepts
All Catholics share the same ________. beliefs in Jesus and the Church. (7 sacraments, liturgy, and 10 commandments
Laws that help us know and fulfill our responsibilities as members of the Church are? precepts of the Church
Mary is the perfect model of how we should ____. live as disciples of Jesus
The four cardinal virtues are? prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance
We accept God's gifts and share with others we ____ . show others what love can do
The theological virtues are _____ . faith, hope, and love
Living a life of love means that others can see ____ . the power of God's love in the world
Each time we celebrate a sacrament the life of God grows _____ . stronger in us
The theological virtues help us to ______ . want to be with God forever
The cardinal virtues guide our ____ . mind and actions to lead a good life
The fulfillment of everything that God call us to do and be is? love
A gift that helps us believe that God is with us and is acting in our lives. Faith
Created by: Bradric