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Chapter 5

Anxiety a generalized state of apprehension or foreboding; can be useful in motivating people to take action to maintain health.
Anxiety Disorder involve maladaptive anxiety reactions that cause significant emotional distress or functional impairments
Panic Disorder involves repeated panic attacks with physiological symptoms, thoughts of imminent danger or impending doom with a desire to escape
Agoraphobia an excessive fear of being in public places in which escape may be difficult or help unavailable
Phobia fear of an object or situation that is out of proportion to the threat it poses
Specific Phobia a persistent, excessive fear of a specific object or situation that is out of proportion to the actual danger that they pose
Social Anxiety Disorder/Social Phobia an intense fear of social situations that may cause people to avoid them altogether or endure them with great distress because of all excessive fear of rejection, humiliation or embarrassment.
Systematic Desensitization a fear reduction procedure developed by Joseph Wolpe in the 1950s, it’s a gradual process in which clients learn to progressively deal with disturbing stimuli while they’re relaxed, involves a fear-stimulus hierarchy
Fear-stimulus Hierarchy an arrangement of stimuli in a sequence or hierarchy
Gradual Exposure uses a step approach to gradually have clients confront their feared objects or situations through imagined exposure or in vivo exposure- actual exposure to feared stimuli in real life
Flooding exposure therapy in which clients are exposed to high levels of feared stimuli in imaginary or real life situations
Virtual reality therapy a behavior therapy technique that uses computer generated simulated environments
Cognitive Restructuring method in which therapists help clients find self-defeating thoughts and think of rational alternatives they can use to cope with anxiety producing situations
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) a disorder in which excessive anxiety and worry aren’t limited to specific objects or situations
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) a disorder with recurrent obsessions or compulsions or both that are time-consuming (more than 1 hour a day) or causes significant distress or interference with one’s functioning
Obsessions recurrent, persistent and unwanted thoughts, urges or mental images beyond one’s control
Compulsions repetitive behavior or mental acts one feels compelled or driven to perform
Body Dysmorphic Disorder disorder that involves a preoccupation with imagined or exaggerated physical defects in one’s appearance that causes feelings of being ugly or disfigured
Hoarding Disorder a newly recognized disorder in the DSM that is characterized by accumulation and need to retain piles of unnecessary and useless possessions which leads to emotional distress and/or difficulty maintaining a safe, habitable living space