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Using Latin I:XV

Beginning Latin

Canis, -is (m. & f.) Dog
Dens, dentis -ium (m.) Tooth
Dolor, -oris, (m.) Sorrow, grief; Pain
Draco, -onis (m.) Serpent; Dragon
Gaudium, -i (n.) Joy, happiness, delight, pleasure
Juvenis, juvenis (m.) Young man, youth
Membrum, -i (n.) Limb
Mensis, mensis, -ium (m.) Month
Nihil (n.) indeclinable Nothing
Serpens, -tis (f.) Serpent, snake
Sol, solis (m.) Sun
Taurus, -i (m.) Bull
Vellus, velleris (n.) Fleece
Vestigium, -i (n.) Footstep, track
Ago, agere, egi, actum 3rd conj. To drive, lead; Act, do; Spend, pass
Aperio,-ire,-ui, apertum To open
Aro, -are, -avi, -atum To plow
Claudo, -ere, clausi, clausum 3rd conj. To shut, close; Enclose
Constituo, -stituere, -stitui, -stitutum 3rd conj. To erect, set up; Determine, decide, decide on
Descendo,-ere, -scendi, -scensum 3rd conj. To come down, descend
Desisto, -sistere, -stiti, -stitum 3rd
Divido, -ere, divisi, divisum 3rd To separate
Excedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum 3rd To withdraw, depart, go out
Jungo, -ere, junxi, junctum 3rd To join, yoke, fasten together
Recuso, -are, -avi, -atum To refuse
Respicio, -spicere, -spexi, -spectum 3rd To look back, look back at
Significo, -are, avi, atum To mean
Acer, acris, acre Sharp, fierce, eager
Curiosus, -a, -um Curious
Duo, duae, duo Two
Felix, felicis (gen.) happy, fortunate
Fortis, forte Brave, strong
Gravis, -e Heavy; Hard, severe, serious
Infelix, infelicis (gen.) Unlucky, unhappy
Omnis, omne All, every, whole
Potens, potentis (gen.) Powerful
Sapiens, sapientis (gen.) Wise
Stupidus, -a, -um Stupid
Cotidie Every day, daily
Libenter Willingly, with pleasure, gladly, freely
Quidem Indeed, certainly
Created by: Hamilcar