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An Scéal - TINE

Foclóir le scéal a cheapadh faoi thine.

go tobann, bholaigh mé deatach Suddenly, I smelt smoke
bhí deatach i ngach áit there was smoke everywhere
Chonaic mé teangacha tine ag preabarnach I saw tongues of fire flickering
Os mo chomhair in front of me
Taobh thiar díom Behind me
Bhí mé spalptha leis an tart I was dying with the thirst
Bhí mé ag bárcadh allais I was sweating heavily
Bhí mé marbh ag an teas I was dead with the heat
Thosaigh mé ag casacht go trom I started coughing heavily
Bhí an tine ag leathadh go tapa The fire was spreading quickly
D’aimsigh mé an t-aláram I found the alarm
Bhris mé an gloine agus bhrúigh mé an cnaipe I broke the glass and pressed the button
Thosaigh an t-aláram ag bualadh The alarm started ringing
Bhí mé ag crith le heagla I was shaking with fear
Rug mé ar an múchtóir dóiteáin I grabbed the fire extinguisher
Bhí mé dall ag an deatach I was blind with the smoke
Ba bheag gur léim mo chroí as mo bhéal My heart nearly leapt out of my mouth
Rith mé go dtí an doras éalaithe I ran to the emergency exit
Chomh sciobtha leis an ngaoth Márta As quick as the wind
Scread mé in ard mo chinn is mo ghutha I screamed at the top of my lungs
Tháinig an briogáid dóiteán The fire brigade came
Dhóirt said uisce i ngach áit They sprayed water everywhere
Dódh an teach/scoil go talamh The house/school was burned to the ground
Lig mé osna faoisimh asam I breathed a sigh of relief
Bhí siad an-bhuíoch dínn They were very grateful to us
Mar chuireamar glao ar an mbriogáid dóteáin in am Because we called the fire brigade in time
Created by: dcor90



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