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reading study words

ketch an ship with sails in the front and in the back
auspiciously in a way that suggest a positive outcome ; favorably
brigantine a two masted sailing ship with square rigging
capstan machine for moving or rasing or raising heavy weights by rotating a cable around a vertical drum
cavernous large, deep space; like a cave
deadlights metal covers or shutters fitted to a port to keep out light and water
dour showing a gloomy apperance
forecastle the front part of the upper deck of a ship where the crew sleeps
furtively secret, slickly, slyly
hawser a rope or cable used for morning; securing , or towing a ship
heathen a person who has no regional or belief in god
imperceptibly in such a slight way as to be almost unnoticeable
indignant 1.angered at something unjust or wrong 2. angry at something that is unfair or wrong
intangible not-material; not perceivable by touch; not concrete
nonchalance coolness, lack of concern or anxiety
pinnaces light(light) sailing ships
punctilious very precise and exact with details
quarterdeck the stern back area of a ship's upper deck.
sodden soaked with liquid, wet all the way through
tantalize 1.harass with persistent criticism or carping tease another by showing them something they want yet keeping it out of reach.
Created by: rmerrells
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