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MGMT Ch. 6

Exam 2

is a process by which individuals organize and interpret sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment Perception
Which of the following statements is true of​ perception? Perception is influenced by past experiences.
Attribution theory tries to explain the ways we judge people​ differently, depending on the meaning we attribute to a behavior. It depends largely on​ _________, _________, and​ ________. ​distinctiveness, consistency, consensus
​_____________ caused behaviors are those an observer believes to be under the personal behavioral control of another individual. Internally
Which of the following is an example of an externally caused​ behavior? A student is late to class because he got a flat tire on the way to school.
With regards to attribution​ theory, _______________ refers to whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations. distinctiveness
According to attribution​ theory, if a behavior is​ __________________, we tend to attribute it to internal causes high on consistency
The fundamental attribution error indicates that we tend to​ _______________ the influence of external factors. underestimate
​___________ bias indicates the tendency of an individual to attribute personal successes to internal factors while putting the blame for failures on external factors. self-serving
Individuals cannot process everything they experience. Because it is impossible for us to assimilate everything we​ see; we can take in only certain stimuli. Which term best describes this​ situation? Selective perception
​"Men are not interested in​ childcare" is best described as a​ ___________________. stereotype
Which term refers to the evaluation of a​ person's characteristics that is affected by comparisons with other people recently encountered who rank higher or lower on the same​ characteristics? contrast effect
Which of the following is a shortcut used in judging others that involves making generalizations to form perceptions​ rapidly? stereotype
Which of the following is a discrepancy that exists between the current state of affairs and some desired​ state, requiring us to consider alternative courses of​ action? problem
Which of the following is a​ decision-making model that assumes that the decision maker has complete​ information, is able to identify all the relevant options in an unbiased​ manner, and chooses the option with the highest​ utility? rational decision-making model
What is the first step in the rational​ decision-making model? defining the problem
In the area of decision​ making, what does satisficing​ involve? seeking a solution that is satisfactory and sufficient
Which of the following is a nonconscious process created from distilled​ experience? intuitive decision making
Which of the following refers to the tendency to overestimate our abilities and the abilities of​ others? overconfidence bias
Which of the following is a tendency to fixate on initial information and fail to adequately adjust for subsequent​ information? anchoring bias
Which of the following refers to our staying with a decision even if there is clear evidence that​ it's wrong? escalation of commitment
Which of the following is the tendency to believe​ falsely, after the outcome is​ known, that we would have accurately predicted the​ outcome? hindsight bias
​_____________ proposes making decisions solely on the basis of their​ outcomes, ideally to provide the greatest good for the greatest number. utilitariansim
Individuals who report to outsiders about their​ employer's unethical practices are known as​ _____________. whistleblowers
Which of the following is a key characteristic of the utilitarian​ approach? it can sideline the rights of some individuals, particularly those with minority representation
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