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09 CAC Module 1

2009 CAC Module 1 Review Questions

Process of constant regulation the body requires in order to remain in balance and stay alive Homeostasis
Physiological reaction to a stressor Stress Response
Stress that results in positive consequences. Eustress
HIPAA Health Insurance Portabilty Protection Act
Any Strategy or technique that helps direct attention and focus while thinking. Heuristic
Document that makes patients wishes regarding medical treatment know in the event they are unable to speak for themselves. Advance Directive
Physiologic reactions that require an oxygen enviorment Aerobic Reactions
Nerve fibers that transmit impulses from peripheral to the CNS Afferent Nerves
Degree to which the forces of attraction exist between a drug and a receptor site Affinity
Abnormal condition in which plasma PH rises above 7.45 Alkalosis
Problem solving strategy that begins with the most likely cause as the anchor and then the signs and symptoms needed to confirm are the ones assessed first Anchoring heuristic
Monitor that measures the amount of carbon dioxide in exhaled air and displayed as a waveform. Capnography
Towards the head Caudad
Turn to the back Supination
Functional tissue of an organ Parenchyma
Lining of the Utereus Endometrium
Built in sensors in the medulla and the caratoid artery that monitor pH and CO2 levels Chemoreceptors
Condition of excess Carbon Dioxide in the blood Hypercarbia
Neglegent act related to damages Causation
Brady Slow
Tachy Fast
Neo New
Nulli None
Peri Around
Retro Behind/Backward
Epi On/Over
Mal Bad
Pachy Thick
Rect Rectum
Mast Pertaining to them Titttiesss
Hyster Uterus
Slander Verbal Defamation
Libel Written Defamation
Glasgow Coma Scale... Verbal,Eye Opening, Motor Response
Glasgow Coma Eye.. 1. No Response.2. To Pain.3. To Speech.4. Spontaneous.
Glasgow Coma Verbal.. 1. No Response. 2. Moans or unintelligible sounds.3. Speaking but nonsensical.4. Disoriented conversation. 5. Alert and Oriented.
Glasgow Coma Motor.. 1. No Response.2. Decerebrate Extension.3. Decorticate Flexiion.4. Movement or withdrawl to pain.5. Localizes Pain.6. Follows Commands.
Created by: SullenFF