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Kahoot questions

study tool for test

What is the 1st step of the scientific inquiry? ask questions
What is the 2nd step of the scientific inquiry? hypothesize
What is the 3rd step of the scientific inquiry? test hypothesis
What is the 4th step of the scientific inquiry? analyze results
What is the 5th step of the scientific inquiry? draw conclusions
What is the 6th step of the scientific inquiry? communicate results
The factor that is measured or observed in an experiment dependent variable
The factors that remain the same in an experiment controls
Any factor in an experiment that can have more than 1 value variable
Factors that scientists change on purpose, what is being tested independent variable
What do you need to have a fair and valid experiment 1 independent variable, 1 dependent variable, many controls
What is the independent and dependent variable? The more bananas a monkey eats, the heavier it will become. IV- bananas DV-weight of monkey
What is the independent and dependent variable? Adding more fertilizer will give more blueberries on the bush. IV-amount of fertilizer DV-number of blueberries
What is the independent and dependent variable? The number of heart beats depends on the distance run IV-distance run DV-number of heart beats
What is the independent and dependent variable? Candles will burn faster if the amount of wax is decreased IV-amount of wax DV-burning time
What is the independent and dependent variable? The amount of water given will affect the height of the tree IV-amount of water DV-height of tree
What is the independent and dependent variable? The number of mice decreases as the number of owls is increased IV-number of owls DV-number of mice
Name a control you would need to have: The score on a student's test depends on the amount of time spent studying. possible answers: study materials, lessons learned beforehand, studying environment, test taken, testing environment
Name a control you would need to have: The type of laundry detergent affects how clean your clothes will get possible answers: washing machine, amount of water, kind of dirt, clothes, amount of detergent, length of time dirt was on clothes, length of time washed
Andy wanted to see if the amount of sunlight affected the size of apples, so he planted 2 of the same apple tree in the same location, used the same fertilizer and soil, used different amounts of water. Used different amounts of water
A process that uses skills and tools to answer a question scientific inquiry
Measurements and observations collected during experiments data
A possible explanation about an observation that can be tested hypothesis
Summary of information gained from testing a hypothesis conclusion
Scientific experiments have as many independent variables as you want false
A conclusion is written after you test your hypothesis true
A hypothesis is what you are testing true
Asking a question is the second step of the scientific inquiry false
It is a waste of time if your hypothesis was wrong false
What would be a conclusion for this test: Sponge-bib's pants were cleaner after using Tide than they were after using Clean- Tide works better than Clean-O
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