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Adams 5th Electric*

Electric and Phy. New

A piece of iron with a north and south pole Magnet
The amount of matter in an object Mass
An incomplete circuit that is interrupted by a switch or an opening Open Circuit
Cannot see through Opaque
A tool that uses mirrors and prisms to bend light and allows you to see objects around corners or above water Periscope
Another word for a battery Source or Cell
Turns a circuit on and off Switch
A simple circuit when one light goes off they all go off Series
The more coils you put around the nail and connect to a battery the stronger it becomes Electromagnet
A circuit with many paths. If one light is removed, the other lights get brighter Parallel Circuit
Thicker in the middle, makes objects look bigger Convex Lens
Produces sound Vibrations
All light can pass through Transparent
This lens is thinner in the middle and makes objects look smaller Concave Lense
No light can pass through Opaque
Light rays bend with a plastic spoon in water Refraction
Some light can pass through. Stain glass window or wax paper Translucent
The bouncing back of light Reflection
If you were doing an experiment to show how light travels in a straight line what 2 things would you need? Mirror and flashlight
In addition to electrical energy when you plug in a fan what energy comes next? Mechanical
Besides electrical, what kind of energy does a current pass through a circuit? Thermal
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