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Chapter 17 Vocab

Chapter 17 vocab

Acute Coronary Syndrome Conditions that can effect the heart in which the coronary arteries are narrowed or occulded
Aorta The major artery from the heart
Artery blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
Atria The two upper chambers of the heart
Automaticity The ability of cells within the cardiac conduction system to generate a cardiac impulse of there own
Blood Pressure The force exerted by the blood on the interior walls of the blood vessels
Capillary Tiny blood vessel that connects the arteriole to a venule
Cardiac compromise reduce heart function caused by any of a variety of conditions, disease or injuries affecting the heart
Cardiac Conduction System The specialized contractile and conductive tissue of the heart that generates electrical impulses
Circulatory System blood vessels that supplies the heart with blood
Coronary Arteries Blood vessels that bring Oxygen and nutrients to and take away from the body.
Heart The muscular organ that contracts to force blood in the circulation through the body
Nirtoglycerin Medications that dilates the blood vessels (decrease blood pressure)
Perfusion The deliver5y of oxygen and other nutrients to the organs
Pulmonary Artery Artery that carryies deoxygenated blood from the lungs to the left ventricle
Vein Vessel that carries blood toward the heart
Venae Cavae Veins cary Oxygenated blood to the heart
Ventricle The two lower chamber of the heart
Venule The smallest branch of the veins
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