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Coral Reef

Biomes of the World

What is a coral reef? A large underwater structure composed of the skeleton of coral (a marine invertebrate animal)
What does invertebrate mean? An animal without a spine or backbone
What does biodiversity mean? the range (diversity) of plants and species of animals living
Where is a coral reef mainly found? Between 30 degrees North and South of the Equator on the continental shelf
Western Atlantic coral reefs include Bermuda, the Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico
Indo-Pacific coral reefs include Maldives, Australia, western Panama
3 environmental conditions needed for coral reef to grow are sunlight, warm water all year, water depth less than 30m
What does symbiotic mean? a mutually rewarding relationship
What is a coral polyp? an animal related to jellyfish which makes up a coral reef
What is ZOOXANTHELLAE? An algae which lives inside the coral polyp's body
What is a coral reef's skeleton made of? calcium carbonate
Name the two ways a coral can feed catch fish and plankton with their stinging tentacles from food provided by the zooxanthellae algae
What percentage of the world's oceans are coral reef? Less than 1%
What percentage of marine life is contained in the coral reefs? 25%
What is the estimate of types of species living in the coral reefs? 2 million species
What is the continental shelf? an area of seabed around the land but before the water depth increases
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