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energy test

Using what you know about electric fields and how forces interact, how could you make the two balloons repel? By rubbing both balloons on the sweater, it will remove electrons from the sweater onto the balloons, causing both to become -. If both are -, they have like charges, and will repel.
Explain the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Electricity can create magnetism by creating an electromagnet. In this, electric current creates a magnetic field, causing objects to be attracted. Magnetism can create electricity by using a generator. In this, a magnet moves around a wire, causing cur
Identify two general factors that influence the strength of a magnetic, electrical, or gravitational field. Distance Strength/power Gravity = mass Electricity = charge Magnetism = magnetic strength
Give 4 examples of objects with elastic potential energy. A bouncing ball A rubber band pulled back A compressed or stretched spring A bow pulled back A baseball being hit
Give 3 examples of evidence that would indicate chemical energy being released. change in color Bubbles Change in temperature
When brushing your hair, your hair will sometimes be attracted to the brush. When you brush your hair, you are removing electrons from one surface and putting them onto another. Doing so creates one to be + and one to be - = opposites attract
Explain why this occurs; Give two examples that would cause the attraction to INCREASE between your hair and the brush. You could increase the strength by: Brush more Get a bigger brush Brush harder Bring the brush closer
When moving further away from a charged particle, magnet, or star, how does the strength of the field change? It decreases
Where is the strongest part of a magnet? The weakest? Strongest = poles Weakest = middle
Which energy conversions are taking place when a fossil fuel is burned to run a fan plugged into an electrical outlet? Chemical potential to thermal to electrical to mechanical (motion)
Label the numbers above with the appropriate particle names. 1 = neutron 2 = electron 3 = proton 4 = who cares?
If you break a magnet into two pieces, will it still work? Explain. Yes! (think of the Bill Nye demo with the toy cars) Because the magnet is already polarized (+ are facing one direction, - facing the opposite direction), it will be two smaller magnets
What two factors determine an object’s gravitational potential energy? Mass distance/position
How can you increase the strength of an electric field? Increase the charge Bring the objects closer
Explain how to create a temporary magnet with a non-magnetic metal (such as a paperclip). When putting the non-magnetic object into a magnetic field, the domains (crystals) will temporarily align and create polarization. This allows them to attract metals.
Using wire, a light bulb, and magnet. Give two simple ways to generate electric current. Create a circuit with the wire and lightbulb. Move the magnet around the wire.
Why is the Moon have a greater effect on the Earth’s tides than the Sun? The moon is closer (gravity is greatly affected by distance)
ON EARTH - what are two ways to increase an object’s gravitational potential? Bigger mass Bigger distance from surface
IN SPACE - what are two ways to increase an object’s gravitational potential? Bigger mass Closer distance
What particle is responsible for electricity? electrons
Give two examples that illustrate this connection and explain how each works. creates a magnetic field, causing objects to be attracted. Magnetism can create electricity by using a generator. In this, a magnet moves around a wire, causing current to be created.
The air around you is full of waves ? True or False True
visible light is a wave? True or False true
what is a Medium? A medium is the material solid, liquid or a gas through which a wave can travel
what is a transverse wave? partials move perpendicularly to the direction the waves travel
what is a crest? The point where the wave is the highest
what is a troughs? The point where the wave is the lowest
what is a wave? is a disturbance of energy
what is a longitudinal wave? particles move back and forth in the same direction
what is a compression? when coils are pull or put together
what is a rarefaction? when you push forward, you compress the coils closer together
If a drop of water lands in a body of water, it forms a surface wave, which is a combination of ____ and ____ waves. transverse (perpindicular to the direction of the wave traveling) and longitudinal (back and forth) waves
If a noisy toy is placed inside an airtight class container, would you be able to hear the sound? No, because there is no air to transmit the sound.
Created by: MOLLYgeorge123