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Science Module 5

a quick study for your Module 5 Science Exam on 10/12/2017

Cryosphere Includes all of the frozen water on Earth and areas of frozen ground
Hydrosphere Is all of the rest of the water on Earth that is not frozen
Biosphere Living things, on, in, or surrounding the planet Earth.
Atmosphere A layer of gases surrounding the Earth.
Geosphere All the solid & molten rock; is made u of the Earth's solid crust, ocean crust, inner layers of the Earth (which are liquid rock), and the solid inner core.
Temperature Depends on where you are in the world; is the current weather outside, in an area.
Climate Examples Louisiana is usually hot; It is usually cold in Michigan.
Temperature Examples It is currently snowing in Michigan; It is currently raining in Colorado.
Median The number in the middle Middle (*think of the median on the interstate)
Mean The average of a set of numbers; can be found by adding up the set of numbers, and dividing by how many numbers are in that set of data
Mode The one that occurs the most in a set of numbers.
Altitude A location's distance above the ocean; measured in (ft.) - Higher = colder - Lower = warmer
Distance from the equator - Closer = closer to the earths rays so (Warmer) - Farther = cooler/colder - not as close to the earth's rays
Direction of winds Wind from North & South poles = cold Winds from equator = warm
Ocean currents Near warm water currents = warmer climate Near cold water currents = colder climate
Distance from a large body of water Closer to the ocean = warmer in the winter & cooler in the summer Farther from the ocean = cooler in the winter & warmer in the summer
Why does the equator have more sunlight? The suns rays shine directly on this part, causing it to have more sunlight, and to be much, MUCH! warmer.
Where are tropical climates? Near the equator and warm (65 ºF) year round; located in the southern tip of Florida. Example: Florida beach
Dry climate example The desert
Mild climate example Louisiana
Continental climate Canada, Michigan
Mountain area example Mt. Everest
The difference between global warming(gw) and the greenhouse effect.(ge) GW, caused when GE is too strong, the sun's rays come through the Earth's atmosphere; the greenhouse effect is used to keep the sun's harmful rays from coming through the Earth's atmosphere Greenhouse effect = good Global warming = bad
What are the greenhouse gases? 1. Water vapor 2. Carbon dioxide 3. Methane 4. Nitrous oxide 5. Ozone
The greenhouse effect can also be compared to _________________ . A greenhouse; used to keep the plants inside warm, but not let all the heat to get inside.
A hole in the ozone layer is bad, why? This can cause the sun's harmful rays to enter Earth and can produce global warming.
The result of the greenhouse effect. Can protect the Earth from its rays, but if it gets to strong, it can cause global warming which is ver bad.
What would help people from flooding. Dams - designed to hold back water for a near by city to stay safe Levees - used to help extend the height of a river bank.
Examples of Warnings for tornadoes in communities Tornado sirens; A weather app on your phone the alerts your of dangerous weather.
How to protect yourself from the Sun's rays? Use sunscreen, wear long-sleeves and pants, and wear sunglasses.
Created by: Jaslynnl17