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MY voc.


Childhood The time when a person is a child
Delicious Great tasting or great smelling
Foam Mass or tiny bubbles
Mansions Houses that are very big and grand
Mended Fixed,repaired
Memories Things that you remember from the past
Relatives Family members
Stunned Extremely shocked or suprised
Driftwood Pieces of wood that float up on the beach
Dwell To think about for a long time
Endure Put up with something
Fiction Stories about characters and events that are not real
Grieving Feeling terribly sad
rebuilding Completely fixing,putting something back together
Sleek Shiny and smooth
Technique A way of doing something hat requires skill
Grief Deep sadness
Sheared cut off sharply
Slough Be cast off,be gottn rid of
Wallowed Rolled and tilted
predict to state what one believes will happen
Verify To prove to be true
Support To encourage,to carry the weight of hold up
Revise To read over carefully and correct improve,or update,change
prior Earlier previous before in time
fact something that is true
opinion what someone thinks but not based on certainty
claim To demand as rightfully belonging to one to require deserve a right to something
distinguish to perceive or show the difference in,to classify
Prove to establish as true,to test by experiment
Created by: sheber
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