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life sciene


archae old /ancient
astro stars
auto self
bio life
chloro green
cyte cell
derm skin
dent teeth
dict speak
ecto outside
geo earth
hetero different
homo same
hydr water/H2O
micro small/tiny
ocu eye
ology study of
ped foot
pre before/in front of
sci know
scope instrument to see
tele far away
troph feed/nutrients
zoo animals
ab away
ad to/forward/near
anemo wind
anthrop human/culture
baro pressure
chrom color
cyto cell
eco home/habitat
ectomy cut out/removal of
endo inside
itis inflammation
lyso break down/destroy
mag large
meter to measure
morph to form
paleo old/ancient
photo light
pod feet/foot
post after/behind
pro before/in front of
therm heat
zoa animals
Created by: eliza_lee