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8 grd 5th unit vocab

Oceanography vocabulary for 8th grade

arbitrary not having a reason; left to discretion
oceanographer a scientist who studies the ocean
abyssal having to do with the ocean depths
expanse a large area seemingly without end
guyot an underwater, flat-topped mountain
trench a long, narrow canyon or cut
amplitude the distance from the crest of a wave to the trough
crest the high point of a wave
trough the low point of a wave
wavelength the distance between any two like points of a wave, such as the distance between two crests
decline to go down; to lessen
thermocline a layer of water in the ocean where the temperature declines rapidly with depth
dilute to thin down by mixing with water
salinity the amount of salt in a solution
atmosphere a unit of measure based upon the air pressure at sea level
bathyal of the zone along the continental slope
benthos having to do with the plants and animals that live on the bottom of the ocean
cartilaginous having a skeleton made of cartilage
habitat the place where a plant or animal lives
intertidal having to do with the zone between the high tide mark and the low tide mark
nekton animal life of the oceans that are able to swim easily, including fish and whales
neritic having to do with the zone between low tide and the edge of the continental shelf
plankton the tiny plants and animals that float on the surface of the ocean and provide food for many marine animals
maneuverable able to move around easily for positioning
sophisticated highly complex
submersible a vessel that may be used underwater
conjure to bring to mind; to recall
disrupt to break up
humidity the amount of moisture in the air
marine having to do with the ocean
moderate to lessen the effects of
proximity the state of being near
conception an idea
cyclonic rotating; moving in a circle
dissipate to scatter or disperse
precaution care taken beforehand to assure safety
prevailing care taken beforehand to assure safety
saturated holding all the moisture that can be held
scenario the events that make up the whole picture or scene
desalination the removal of salt from a solution
distillation the process of heating, then cooling a liquid and collecting the condensation to effect purification
hydrologic having to do with water
Created by: Hillerywest