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Shawnee ADNR181 Elimination

Amount of urine per day. 1500-1800mL
Consistency of urine. Water-like
Composition of urine. organic and inorganic wastes, 95% water, normally sterile.
Color of urine. Clear to dark yellow (amber)
Odor of urine distinctive...old urine smells of ammonia. Changes if blood or microorganisms are present.
Specific gravity of urine 1.015-1.040
pH of urine 4.5-8.0
Urine frequency 150-200 mL(adult) 50-200 mL (child)
Micturation means... Urinating
At what age do children develope sphincter control 18-24 months
What term means absence of urine formation? Anuria
What term means urinary output of less than 400 mL a day? Oliguria
What term means excessive secretion and discharge of urine? Polyuria
What term means voiding at frequent intervals? Frequency
What term means urination, particularly excessive or frequent at night? Nocturia
What term means feeling the need to void immediately? Urgency
What term means to evacuate the bowels or bladder? Void
What term means painful urination caused from bacterial infection in the bladder? Dysuria
What term means involuntary delay of initiating urination? Hesitancy
What term means involuntary discharge of urine after the age at which bladder control should have been established? Enuresis
What term means inability to control urination? Incontinence
What term means inability to empty the bladder completely? Retention
The large intestine is __to__inches long. 50-60
Name 7 parts of lg. intestine. cecum, ascending colon, transverrse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, rectum, anus
Normal color of feces brown adult, yellow infant
Feces consistancy formed, soft, semisolid, moist
Feces shape. contour of rectum
Feces amount varies with diet 100-400 gm/d
Feces odor affected by food, flora
Feces constituence roughage, bacteria and cells, fat, protein, digestive juices, inorganic matter
Ribbon-shaped stool may be a sign of what? A growth in the colon.
What term means intestinal motility? Peristalsis
4 meds. that decrease peristalsis. Narcotics, antidepressants, anticholinergics, antidiarrheals
3 meds. that increase peristalsis. antibiotics, ferrous sulfate, laxatives
5 common fecal problems. constipation, impaction, diarrhea, incontinence, flatulence.
What term means return or backward flow? Reflux
What term means wavelike movement of the digestive system? Peristalsis
What term means a mass of masticated food ready to be swallowed? Bolus
What term means a mixture of partially digested food and digestive juices in the stomach? Chyme
What term means gas in the digestive tract? Flatus/flatulence
What term means evacuation of the bowels? Defecation
What term means a voluntary contraction of the abdominal muscles while maintaining forced expiration against a closed airway? Valsalva maneuver
What term means passage of fluid or unformed stool? Diarrhea
What term means loss of self-control. Ex. Fecal, Urinary Incontinence
What term means the opening of a portion of the colon through the abdominal wall? Colostomy
What term means an artificially created opening between a passage and the bodies surface? Stoma
What term means a surgical passage through the abdominal wall, in which a segment of the ileum is exteriorized? ileostomy
An alcoholic solution of _______ is used to test for occult blood in feces. Guaiac
What term means an active purgative producing bowel movements? Cathartics
What term means a decrease in a person's normal frequency of defacation. Sometimes having hard, dry stool? Constipation
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