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Latin 41

Latin 1 vocabulary BYU

est is
sunt are
non not
et and
sed but
fama report, fame
familia family
fortuna fortune, luck
puella girl
terra earth, land
vita life
bonus good
durus hard
magnus great
parvus small
laboro work
porto carry
agricola farmer
amo love, like
paro get, get ready, prepare
specto look (at), watch
longa long
multa much, many
nova new, strange
minime no
salve hello
sic yes
vale good-bye
carrus cart, wagon
equus horse
servus slave, servant
malus bad
er was
laudo praise
nunc now
olim once, formerly, sometime
ubi where
quod because
cibus food
copia supply, abundance
cura care, concern
forma shape
numerus number
regina queen
antiquus old, ancient
clarus clear, famous
planus level
Romanus Roman
etiam even, also
postea afterwards
in in, on
nauta sailor
pecunia money
unda wave
totus whole, all
navigo sail
cras tomorrow
tum then
ad to, toward, near
cum with
trans across
sine without
amicus friend
dominus master
femina woman, wife
littera letter (alphabet), plur. letter
praeda loot, booty
pupa doll, little girl
amicus friendly
beatus happy, blessed
gratus pleasing, grateful
meus my
celebro celebrate, honor
dono give, present
mando entrust
monstro point out, show
nuntio announce, report
probo test, prove, approve
benigne thank you
animus soul, courage, mind
gladius sword
iniuria injustice, wrong, injury
memoria memory
poena punishment, penaly
provincia province
pugna fight, battle
victoria victory
Gallus Gallic (from Gaul)
incito urge on, arouse
occupo seize
pugno fight
servo save, guard
ager field
casa house
filia daughter
hora hour
puer boy
vir man
decimus tenth
ignavus lazy
quintus fifth
saucius wounded, hurt
tuus your, yours
adiuvo help
exclamo shout
festino hurry
nato swim
hodie today
paene almost
semper always
macte well done
disciplina training, instruction
discipulus student
lingua tongue, language
magister teacher
patria fatherland, country
augeo increase
doceo teach
habeo have, hold
terreo scare, frighten
primo at first
amicitia friendship
annus year
castra camp
consilium plan, advice
frumentum grain
gloria glory
materia matter, timber
gratia gratitude, influence
praemium reward
signum sign
maneo remain
video see
ibi there
socius ally, comrade
altus high
barbarus foriegn
ambulo walk
evoco summon, call out
libero free
mereo deserve, earn
teneo hold, keep
cur why
captivus prisoner
cena dinner
medicus doctor
mensa table
singuli one at a time
moveo move
voco call
a, ab from, away from
de from, down from
e, ex from, out of, out from
colonus settler
filius son
liber free
noster our
sacer sacred
habito live
migro depart
sum, esse, fui, futurus be
arma arms, weapons
auxilium aid, help
bellum war
concordia harmony
dea goddess
deus god
nuntius messenger
officium duty, office
secundus second
tertius third
debeo ought, owe
inquit he, she, said
maturo hasten
causa cause, reason, case
oppidum town
populus people
aequus even, just, calm
latus wide
publicus public
verus true
vester your
quis who?
quid what?
post behind
atque and, and also both...and
-que and (joined to second word)
atrium entry hall
sportula small gift basket
tablinum study, den
accedo approach
ago do, drive, discuss, live, spend time
cedo move, retreat, yield
defendo defend
excedo depart
exspecto look out for, await
mitto let go, send
pono put, place
interim meanwhile
mox soon
numquam never
saepe often
templum temple
pulcher beautiful
accipio recieve
capio take, seize
facio do, make
gero carry on
incipio take to, begin
invenio find, come upon
munio fortify
rego rule, reign
venio come
pro for, in behalf of, in front of
adulescentulus young man
caper goat
corium skin, leather
feriae holiday
flagellum whip
liberi children
adoro worship
appello call, name, address
curro run
ferio hit, strike
peto seek, attack, aim at, ask for
sacrifico sacrifice
scribo write
circum around
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