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L3 Imperatives

Lative Imperative Endings

Conjugationimperative singular / plural
1st (amo, amare) ama/amate
2nd (moneo, monere) monē/monete
3rd (rego, regere) rege/regite
3rd io (capio, capere) cape/capite
4th (audio, audire) audi/audite
(sum, esse) es/este
irregular (dico, dicere) dic/dicite
irregular (duco, ducere) duc/ducite
irregular (facio, facere) fac/facite
1st/2nd Conjugation Imperatives 1st/2nd Conjugation Imperative meanings
Da nobis hodie Give us today
Dona nobis pacem Grant us peace
Libera nos a malo Deliver us from evil
Ora et Labora Pray and work
Ora pro nobis Pray for us
Festina lente Make haste slowly
Cave canem Beware the dog
Gaude! Gaude! Rejoice! Rejoice!
Gaudete, gaudete Rejoice, rejoice
Salve, salvete Be well (Hello)
Vale, valete Be strong (Good-bye)
Adeste fidelis O, come all ye faithful
3rd/4th Conjugation Imperatives 3rd/4th Conjugation Imperative Meanings
Carpe diem Seize the day
Claude januam Close the door
Dimitte nobis debita nostra Send away our sins
Surge, surgite Stand up
Veni, veni Emmanuel O come, O come Emmanuel
Veni Creator Spiritus Come Creator Spirit
Benedic Domine Nos Bless us, O Lord
Audi Israel! Hear, O Israel
Tolle et lege Take up and read
New Vocabulary meanings
ago agere egi actus to do, act, drive, treat; give
cogo cogere coegi coactus to collect, force
tollo tollere sustuli sublatus to lift (up), raise
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