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Descriptive Research research based on observations.
Controlled Variables variables that changes, but aren't allowed to.
Experimental Research Answers scientific questions by testing a hypothesis through the use of a series of carefully controlled steps.
Technology applications of science to make products or tools people can use.
Trend a general direction in data.
Experimental Design a plan for deciding how to answer a scientific question.
Scientific Theory an explanation supported by facts.
Dependent Variable the factor that'll be measured in an experiment.
Theory describes ideas that've been tested and provides data for the ideas.
Line Graph used for showing changes or trends.
Data Analysis reducing the data: finding the average, graphing data, and looking for relationships.
Independent Variable the variable that has changed or tested by scientists.
Scientific Method step by step procedures of scientific problem solving.
Qualitative data that describes its qualities or characteristics: color sound taste.
Laws rules that describes a pattern in nature supported with mathematical evidence.
Control Group a group that has had nothing done to it.
Inference a conclusion drawn from an observation.
Relationship the effect of one variable to another.
Science is a way or a process used to investigate what is happening around you. A process of trying to understand the world.
Bias personal opinions, when points of view interfere in a investigation, or certain results expected.
Bar Graph used for showing comparisons.
Quantitative data that's numeral, gathered by using tools: mass distance, volume, time, temperature.
Observations can be qualitative and quantitative.
Observations in science uses senses and tools.
Two general types of scientific research descriptive/qualitative and experimental.
Stating a research question you describe the question you want to answer.
Independent Variables are sometimes called manipulated variables.
Dependent Variables are sometimes called responding variables.
Controlled Variables are sometimes called constant variables.
A trend is changes; increases, decreases in data.
A pattern is repeated data that is similar.
A relationship is repeated data that is similar
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