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NRTC AP Urinary

Urinary CH 18 Renal System

Hormone that causes sodium retention and potassium excretion aldosterone
hormone that regulates plasma calcium levels Parathyroid hormone
Lab test that indicates renal efficiency Glomerular filtration rate
Muscle of the bladder wall detrusor muscle
structure that empties the bladder urethra
one functional unit of kidney filtration neprhon
blood vessel that enters the glomerulus afferent arteriole
vessel that carries oxygenated blood to the kidney renal artery
area of the kidney where blood vessels and nerves enter/exit the kidney hilum
substance secreted by juxtaglomerular cells in response to decreased blood pressure renin
enzyme in the lungs that coverts angiotensin 1 Angiotensin converting Enzyme (ACE)
Portion of the renal tubule responsible for Acid-Base Balance distal convoluted tubule
Portion of the renal tubule responsible for most electrolyte and nutrient absorption proximal convoluted tubule
The urination reflex micturition
amount of fluid filtered by the kidney that is reabsorbed by the body 97-99%
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