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ch 31 vocab

cachinnus, cachinnī, m. laughter
optimus, a, um best, very good, excellent
lanius, laniī, m. butcher
carō, carnis, f. meat
Quantī...? How much...?
perna, pernae, f. ham
pretium, pretiī, n. price
quidem indeed
umquam ever
procāx, procācis insolent; pushy
autem however but
multus, a, um much
pinguis, pinguis, pingue fat
minuō, minuere, minuī, minūtus to lessen, reduce, decrease
immō rather; on the contrary
lepus, leporis, m. hare; rabbit
grātīs free, for nothing
rēctē rightly, properly
vērō truly, really, indeed
pāscō, pāscere, pāvī, pāstus to feed, pasture
accipiō, accipere, accēpī, acceptus to receive, get
trīclīnium, trīclīniī, n. dining room
convīva, convīvae, m. guest (at a banquet)
magnopere greatly
ipse, ipsa, ipsum -self, -selves; very
īdem, eadem, idem t he same
celeber, celebris, celebre famous
nōtus, a, um known
bibō, bibere, bibī, --- to drink
additus erit it will have been added
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