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Unit 1 Practice Test

Examples of questions that could be included in your Unit 1 Test

What is the main reason scientists use a model of an atom? An atom is very small, and a model aids in its study
Which graph best shows change over time? Line Graph
Students use a 3D reproduction of a skeleton to learn about bones. What describes this tool? Physical Model
What is the purpose of a scientific law? to describe a phenomenon in nature
Which source should a scientific researcher reject because of unreliability? A magazine article advertising a product
Which term can describe a mathematical formula that describes a phenomenon in nature? A scientific law
Which phrase defines a scientific theory? a well-supported explanation
Jo must conduct a scientific investigation for a project. Which step should she complete first? Define her research problem or question
the difference between a test variable and an outcome variable is... The test is manipulated and the outcome provides results.
Why do many scientific experiments include several trials as opposed to one single trial? It increases the sample size being tested.