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Extinction Theories

Extinction Theories Test Review

What does the Volcanic Eruptions Theory say? Dinosaurs were killed by large numbers of volcanic eruptions.
What do tectonic plates constantly do? move
What Earth-Biological extinction cause is LEAST likely to endanger human survival? continental drift
Compared to historical climate trends, what is different about today's climate change? It is happening faster.
Where is the majority of the Earth's heat energy located? In the core.
Is bacteria harmful or helpful to humans? both harmful and helpful
What kind of statistics are related to Climate Change? yearly averages
What evidence was used to support Wegener's theory of continental drift? Similar fossils in different parts of the world.
What force makes tectonic plates move? convection currents
What might happen if a major volcanic eruption occurred every year? Temperatures around the world might get cooler.
How quickly do Earth-Biological Theories say dinosaurs were killed? slowly over 1000s of years
Where do subduction zones occur? at the boundaries between tectonic plates
What do Earth-Biological Theories say caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? natural events on Earth
How does the Continental Drift Theory say dinosaurs became extinct? Dinosaurs were moved to climates that were too hot or cold.
What is the difference between a pathogenic virus and a harmless one? Pathogenic viruses kill cells.
What does the Natural Climate Change Theory say caused dinosaur extinction? ice ages and global warming
Which Earth-Biological extinction cause is MOST likely to endanger human survival? diseases
What does a virus do once it is inside a cell? It makes copies of itself.
Created by: rrichards2