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1. What 19thcentury genre revealed themainstream fascination with African-American culture? minstrelsy
2. What turn of the 20th century genre helped popularize syncopation? Ragtime
3. What term means accenting on unexpected beats? Sycnopation
4. What music used a 12 bar, AAB lyric form? Blues
5. What accessory creates a glissando that gives guitar a vocal quality?slide slide
6. Name 3 harmonic instruments that accompanied the blues. 1) guitar2) harmonica3) piano
7. Name 2 specific bar-room locations where blues was performed. 1) juke joint2) honky tonk
8. A man with a whole lot of sense said: “Blues ain’t nothing but a...good man feeling bad” “Blues ain’t nothing but a...good man feeling bad”
9. What back and forth exchange occurs in a musical duel? call and response
10. What technique consists of a rapid alternation between adjacent notes? trill
11. How does the ending of the crossroads story parallel early jazz history? migration north
What were the primary cultural influences on the first jazz musicians? African & Europea
2. What 2 types of bands emerged in New Orleans around 1895? 1) wind2) jazz
3. What distinguishes New Orleans jazz from all other music? collective improve
4. What technique is most notable about clarinetist Sidney Bechet? vibrato
5. The pianist Jelly Roll Morton claimed he... invented jazz
6. What can be heard in themusic of Jelly Roll Morton that sounds like the brothels of New Orleans? erotic motion
7. What technique helps create vibrato on a woodwind? embouchure
8. What 3 instruments make up the front line? 1) trumpet2) trombone3) clarinet
9. What was the original use of a mute? quiet the brass to hear woodwind
10. Dialogue between instruments can be thought of melodically as.. .counterpoint
1. How did King Joe Oliver alter the sound of his cornet? mutes
2. What did Louis Armstrong add overall to improvisation? fresh logic
3. What opportunity did Armstrong have at the Colored Waif's Home? windband
4. What geographical conduit helped the New Orleans sound travel north? Mississippi River
5.What musical role did Lil Hardin play in Armstrong’s development?
6. How did Armstrong change the style in New York? opened up the rhythm
7. "Heebie Jeebies" was the 1strecording of... scat singing
8. What technical demand did Armstrong maintain in his elder years? sustain high notes
9. What was “last hit”of jazz? “Hello Dolly”
10. Louis Armstrong redefined jazz as an... art of individual solos
1. What piano style developed in Harlem rhythmically reflected the hustle & bustle of the roaring 1920s? stride
2. What European form features music for orchestra with a solo instrumentalist? concerto
3. What Gershwin composition placed jazz elements on the classical music stage?“ Rhapsody in Blue”s
4. What musician embodied the ideas of the Harlem Renaissance? Duke Ellington
5. Who conducted the U.S. 369th/NY 15thinfantry regiment band? James Reese Europe
6. What name did the French give the U.S. 369th/NY 15thregiment?“ Hellfighters
”7. What event would Harlem musicians hold to help pay the landlord? rent party
8. What accessory helped to create the growling sound? plunger mute
9. What did European painters use in their work that revealed a connection to black sensibilities? African element
1a. What did jazz become in the swing era? popular
1b. Radio and jukeboxes helped create the first mass-media superstars by... promotingrecord sales
2. What accessory helped Tommy Dorsey create a unique sound ontrombone? solo-tone mute
3. What 2 defininginstrumentalsounds emerged in the swing era? 1) walking bass2) hi-hat
4. What istheterm for thecall and response heard in big bandarrangements? antiphony
5a. What movie star did Eleanora Fagan Gough admire so much that she changed her name to Billie Holiday? Billie Dove
5b. What nickname of Billie’s was originally given to her mother by Lester Young? Lady Day
5c. What was the subject matter of the song "Strange Fruit"? lynchings
6. Ella Fitzgerald acknowledged that her vocal timbre was... thin, small
7. Ella brought scat to a higher level with her ability to imitate... instruments
8. What percussive effect can create a cool timbre? brushes on snare
9. What does Ella mean when she says she is “not a musician”? no formal training
10. What skill does Ella demonstrate by singing so many different songs? versatility
11. What is the essential part of the Las Vegas/Atlantic City sound? swing orchestra
12. Ella was oneof the first recipients of a.. Grammy Award
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