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L2 Latin vocabulary

Year 3 Latin Vocabulary from Lesson 2

VerbConjugation4 Principle PartsDefinition
cupio 3rd conjugation (io) cupio cupere cupivi cupitus to desire, long for
dico 3rd conjugation dico dicere dixi dictus to say
duco 3rd conjugation duco ducere duxi ductus to lead
dormio 4th conjugation dormio dormire dormivi dormitus to sleep
facio 3rd conjugation (io) facio facere feci factus to do, make
figo 3rd conjugation figo figere fixi fictus to fix, fasten
finio 4th conjugation finio finire finivi finitus to finish
fugio 3rd conjugation (io) fugio fugere fugi fugitus to flee
impedio 4th conjugation impedio impedire impedivi impeditus to hinder, obstruct
invenio 4th conjugation invenio invenire inveni inventus to discover, find out
jacio 3rd conjugation (io) jacio jacere jeci jactus to throw, hurl
jungo 3rd conjugation jungo jungere junxi junctus to join, connect
munio 4th conjugation munio munire munivi munitus to fortify, protect
nescio 4th conjugation nescio nescire nescivi nescitus to not know
rego 3rd conjugation rego regere rexi rectus to rule
scio 4th conjugation scio scire scivi scitus to know
sentio 4th conjugation sentio sentire sensi sensus to feel, perceive
struo 3rd conjugation struo struere struxi structus to build, construct
traho 3rd conjugation traho trahere traxi tractus to drag, haul
veho 3rd conjugation veho vehere vexi vectus to convey, transport
venio 4th conjugation venio venire veni ventus to come
vinco 3rd conjugation vinco vincere vici victus to conquer
vivo 3rd conjugation vivo vivere vixi victus to live, be alive
cedo 3rd conjugation cedo cedere cessi cessus to yield, give way
claudo 3rd conjugation claudo claudere clausi clausus to close
gero 3rd conjugation gero gerere gessi gestus to wage, carry on
mitto 3rd conjugation mitto mittere misi missus to send
pono 3rd conjugation pono ponere posui positus to put, place
premo 3rd conjugation premo premere pressi pressus to press, push
scribo 3rd conjugation scribo scribere scripsi scriptus to write
audio 4th conjugation audio audire audivi auditus to hear
capio 3rd conjugation (io) capio capere cepi captus to take, capture
Created by: dogsareawesome