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Ten codes used by Delaware Law Enforcement

10-1 Situation under control.
10-2 Arriving at scene.
10-3 Go ahead with message.
10-4 OK, Received message.
10-5 Relay.
10-6 Busy.
10-7 Out of service = off shift.
10-8 In service = available / on shift.
10-9 Repeat message.
10-10PI Accident with physical injury.
10-10PD Accident with property damage only.
10-10HR Hit and run accident.
10-11 2nd fire alarm received.
10-12 Request assistance at HQ or fire station.
10-13 Weather and road conditions.
10-14 Convoy or escort.
10-15 Prisoner custody.
10-16 Pick up prisoner at _______.
10-17 Meal stop or send coffee and sandwiches to scene.
10-18 Clear assignment ASAP.
10-19 Return to _______.
10-20 Location.
10-21 Contact by telephone.
10-22 Disregard.
10-23 Direct traffic at ______.
10-24 Send assistance to scene.
10-24A Assist ______ at _______.
10-25 Estimated time of arrival.
10-26 Advise operator's number of ______.
10-26A Record of traffic violations.
10-26B Record of criminal violations.
10-27 Notify appropriate police agency.
10-28 Registration information.
10-29 Check for wanted.
10-29N Negative on wanted.
10-29P Positive on wanted.
10-30 Does not conform to rules and regulations.
10-31 Complainant / Meet complainant at ______.
10-32 Complaint to be suffixed alphabetically.
10-33 Parking violation.
10-33A Disabled vehicle.
10-34 Prepare to make copy.
10-35 Confidential information.
10-36 Time check.
10-37 Advise if court is open.
10-37N Court not open.
10-38 Magistrate available?
10-38N Magistrate not available.
10-39 Use caution.
10-40 Officer in trouble.
10-41 Checking motor vehicle or pedestrian at location.
10-42 Clear on check.
10-42A Arrest.
10-42R Reprimand.
10-42CPC Crime prevention check.
10-43 Wrecker needed.
10-44 Ambulance needed.
10-45 Rescue equipment needed.
10-46 Fire apparatus needed for washdown.
10-47 Dispatch tank truck.
10-48 Alarm at location. (Fire, burglary, panic, etc.)
10-49 Civil disturbance - Police.
10-50 Contact medical examiner.
10-51 Notify fire marshall.
10-52 Permission to leave sector.
10-53 Obstruction in roadway.
10-54 Road blocked or closed at ______.
10-55 Pick up _______.
10-56 School crossing assignment.
10-57 Bomb threat.
10-58 Traffic light not functioning.
10-59 Release standby personnel.
10-60 Contact criminal investigation division.
10-61 Property check.
10-62 Clear on property check.
10-63 Advise where ______ can be contacted.
10-64 Special unit operating in area.
10-65 Attempting warrant at ______.
10-66 Radio tower lights checked.
10-67 Permission to transmit car to car.
10-68 Meet officer ______ at ______.
10-69 En route to ______.
10-70 Report to _______.
10-71 Alert for major emergency.
10-72 Mobilize for major emergency.
10-73 Report to marshaling area.
10-74 Supplement committed personnel and equipment.
10-75 Activate scrambler.
10-75A Deactivate scrambler.
10-76 911 hang up.
10-77 Authorization to arm.
10-78 Clear radio restriction.
10-79 Routine Non-emergency transport.
10-80 Spinal injury.
10-81 Mental patient.
10-82 Communicable disease.
10-83 Head, face, neck injury.
10-84 Seizure.
10-85 Convulsions.
10-86 Drowning.
10-87 Police action (caution).
10-88 Overdose.
10-89 Burns.
10-90 Possible cardiac arrest (external heart message).
10-91 Dead on arrival.
10-92 Possible internal injury.
10-93 Fractured limb.
10-94 Miscarriage.
10-95 Emergency maternity.
10-96 Have oxygen ready.
10-97 Severe bleeding.
10-98 Stroke victim.
10-99 Heart attack.
10-100 Clear the air / emergency message.
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