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Chp 1 Terms

Chapter 1 Quiz On Terminology

suffix ending
tomy incision
ectomy excition of the stomach
gastero stomach
entero intestines
logy study of
cardio heart
gastroscope instrument to visually examine the stomach
scope instrument to visually examine
gastric pertaining to the stomach
ic pertaining to
ac pertaining to
cardiac pertaining to the heart
itis inflammation
enteritis inflammation of the intestines
gasteroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and intestines
sub below
subgastric pertaining to below the stomach
trans across
transgastric pertaining to across the stomach
retro behind
retrogastric pertaining to behind the stomach
Read the meaning of medical words from the suffix to the beginning of the word and then across. true
Drop the combining vowel before a suffix that starts with a vowel. true
Keep the combining vowel between word roots, even if the second root begins with a vowel. true
adeno gland
oma tumor or mass
arthro joint
bio life
opsy to view (living tissue is viewed under a microscope)
carcino cancer, cancerous
cephalo head
cerebro cerebrum, largest part of the brain
al pertaining to
vascular pertaining to blood vessels
cerebrovascular accident (CVA) stroke
cysto urinary bladder
scope instrument to visually examine
cyto cell
dermo / dermato skin
electro electricity
gram record
encephalo brain
entero intestines (often the small intestines)
colo / colono large intese (colon)
erythro red
cyte cell
gastro stomach
scopy process of visual examination using an instrument or scope
gnoso knowledge
sis state of
dia complete
diagnosis complete knowldge gained after testing and examining the patient.
plural of diagnosis diagnoses
pro before
prognosis prediction (before knowledge)
gyneco woman, female
hemo, hemato blood
globin protein
hemoglobin protein in RBCs that carries oxygen in the blood.
hematoma mass or swelling containing blood
hepato liver
laparo abdomen (area between the chest and hip)
tomy incision (cutting into)
exploratory laparotomy large incision of the abdominal wall made to inspect abdominal organs for evidence of disease.
leuko white
nephro kidney
ectomy cutting out
neuro nerve
onco tumor
ist specialist
opthalmo eye
osteo bone
patho disease
aut self
opsy to view
psycho mind
osis abnormal condition
psychosis serious mental condition in which the patient loses touch with reality (include hallucination and delusions)
hallucinations unreal sensory perceptions, such as hearing voices when non are present
delusions fixed, false beliefs that can't be changed by logical reasoning
reno kidney
rhino nose
sarco flesh
thrombo clotting
thrombus blood clot (occurs when thrombocytes and other clotting factors combine)
thrombosis describes the condition of forming a clot (thrombus)
algia pain
cyte cell
ectomy cutting out; removal, excision
emia blood condtion
leukemia large numbers of immature, cancerous cells are found in the bloodstream and bone marrow (inner part of bone that makes blood cells).
globin protein
gram record
arthrogram x-ray record of a joint
ia condition
cephalgia notice that this term is shortened from cephalalgia
ism condition, process
hyper excessive
logist specialist in the study of
logy study of
opsy to view
osis abnormal condition
laparoscopy Small incisions are made near the navel, and instruments are inserted into the abdomen for viewing organs and performing procedures such as tying off the fallopian tubes.
oncology study of tumors (cancerous or malignant diseases)
dermatology study of the skin
endocrinoloy study of the endocrine glands
gynecology study of women and women's diseases
hematology study of the blood
neurology study of the nerves and the brain and spinal cord
ophthalmology study of the eye
pathology study of disease
psychology study of the mind and mental disorders
rheumatology study of joint diseases (rheumato = flow or watery discharge, which was once thought to cause aches and pains, especially in joints)
sis state of
a, an no, not
anemia decrease in the number of RBCs or a decrease in their ability to carry oxygen because of less hemoglobin, a protein that helps carry oxygen in RBCs.
ops viewing
opsy process of viewing
dia complete, through
DIA in diagnosis complete
DIA and METER in diameter through and measurement
dys bad, painful, difficult, abnormal
suffix y in dysentery condition or process
endo within
exo outside
hyper excessive, more than normal, too much
the valves and chambers within the heart are lined with what? endocardium
glyco sugar
Hyperglycemia may be a sign of what? diabetes mellitus
mellitus means sweet
hypo below, less than normal, too mcuh
This condition results from too much insulin in the bloodstream. Symptoms are weakness, headache, and hunger. hypoglycemia
pro before, forward
re back
resection removing some or all of an organ in the sense of cutting back or away
section cutting into an organ
retro behind
trans across, through
transurethral the urethra is a tube that leads from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body.
adenoma tumor of a gland
words ending in a retin the a and add e
words ending in is drop the is and add es
words ending in ex or ix drop the ex or ix, and add ices
words ending in on drop the on and add a
words ending in um drop the um and add a
words endin in us drop the us and add i
verterbra/vertebrae backbones
bursa/bursae sacs of fluid near a joint
diagnosis/diagnoses determination of the nature and cause of disease
psychosis/psychoses abnormal conditions of the mind
apex/apices pointed ends of organs
cortex/cortices outer parts of organs
varix/varices enlarged, swollen veins
ganglion/ganglia groups of nerve vells; benign cysts near a joint (such as the wrist)
bacterium/bacteria types of one-celled organisms
ovum/ova egg cells
bronchus/bronchi tubes leading form the windpipe to the lungs
calculus/calculi stones
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