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Science ch 6

Deforestation Destroying and cutting down trees; affects the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere
Influences on Climate how people live
Carbon Dioxide a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning carbon
Temperate zones Have moderate temperature; between the tropics and the polar
Tilt of Earth causes seasons
Polar region Solar radiation hits it at a low angle, spreading energy over a large area
El Nino a climatic event that involves the tropical Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere
Climate The pattern of weather that occurs in an area over many years
Climate Classification System the koppen system is used for this
Glaciers a slowly moving mass or river of ice
Earth's orbit changes solar radiation
Greenhouse Effect A natural heating process that occurs when certain gases in Earth's atmosphere trap heat.
Latitude runs... North-South
Equator an imaginary line around the middle of the planet that splits the northern and southern hemispheres
Hibernation A period of greatly reduced activity in winter
Tropics receive the most solar radiation because sun shines almost directly over it.
Desert a place that gets little precipitation and has limited vegetation and animals
Behavioral Adaptations something and organism does to survive in a particular climate
Reducing CO2 Grow more trees, carpool, and bike
The higher the solar radiation... The higher the temperature
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