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Requisition form Document that is sent with a specimen that contains identifying information about the person and the test to be done
What part of the specimen container can be touche? The outside of the container
What type of urine specimen is used for a routine Urinalysis? Random
U/A Urinalysis
C&S Culture and Sensitivity
What type of gloves are used for s Midstream Urine Specimen Sterile
How much urine is collected for a specimen 30-60mL
What is the procedure for collecting a midstream urine? The perineal areas is cleansed, The person starts to void, the person stops urinating, a sterile container is positioned, the person urinates. For a female, the labia is held open during the procedure, for an uncircumsised male the foreskin is retracted.
Why is the perineal area cleansed before obtaining a midstream urine specimen? It reduces the number of microbes in the urethral area
What is the consequences of missing a urine specimen during the collection of a 24 hour urine specimen You must start over
How is the urinr for a 24 hour urine specimen stored chilled on ice or refrigerated
What is done with the first voiding when a 24 hour urine is ordered The first specimen is discarded. all voidings for the next 24 hours are saved
What should you do if your hands come in contact with the preservative in a 24 hour specimen container? Notify the nurse, obtain the safety data sheet
What type of urine testing may be done for a diabetic? Reagant strip for Ketones and glucose
When is a Ketodiastix done 30 minutes before meals and bedtime
When reading reagant strips, does it matter long you take to read the strip Yes, the length of time is indicated on the bottle, more or less time will result in an inacurate reading
If you do not see blood, there isn't any present in a specimen Occult blood may be present, you will not see this blood
when obtaining a stool specimen,, how many areas of the stool should stool be obtained from? two
When is the best time to obtain a sputum specimen First thing in the morning
What is the oral care procedure prior to obtaining a sputum specimen? Rinse with water only
How much sputum is needed for s sputum specimen? 1-2 teaspoons
When obtaining a sputum specimen , what area of the respiratory system should the specimen be obtained from? The bronchi and trachea
Sputum mucus expectorated from the respiratory system
Created by: dkayes