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Final - Virus groups

Final - Memory aids for viruses

List the live attenuated viral vaccines Measles, mumps, rubella, sabin polio, VZV, yellow fever, small pox, adenovirus
List the killed viral vaccines Rabies, influenza, salk polio, HAV. EGG-BASED Vaccines: Flu, MMR, Yellow fever (also a live attenuated vax available)
The HBV vaccination is what type of vaccination? Recombinant. Made with recombinate HBsAG
Describe the 4 mechanism of viral genetic variation Recombination: exchange of genes b/w 2 chromosomes by crossing over w/i regions of homology. 2) reassortment: When virus with segmented genomes (influenza), exchange segments. CAUSE OF PANDEMICS 3) Complementation: ie HEP D and HEP B, 4) Phenotypic mixing
Negative stranded RNA viruses (mnemonic) "Always Bring Polymerase Or Fail Replication": Arenavirus, bunyavirus, Paramyxovirus, Orthomyxavirus, filovirus, rhabdovirus
DNA Viruses (mnemonic) HHAPPPy: Herpesvirus, Hepadnaviridae, Adenovirus, Papova, Poxviridae, Parvovirus
All DNA viruses have DS dna except: Parvovirus
Naked DNA and RNA Viruses (mnemonic) Get naked for PAP smears and PCRs: PAP = Naked DNA: Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Papovirus. PCR = Naked RNA: Picorna, Calcivirus, reovirus
All DNA viruses are linear EXCEPT FOR: Papova (circular/supercoiled) and Hepadna (circular, incomplete)
All DNA viruses are icosahedral except: Pox (complex shape). Carries its down DNA dependent RNA polymerase
What DNA virus carries its own DNA dependent RNA polymerase? Poxvirus. Because of this, it can replicate in the cytoplasm. It is the only virus that does this.
ALL DNA viruses replicate in the _____ except for _____ All DNA viruses replicate in the nucleus except for poxvirus, who has its own DNA dependent RNA pol
List the segmented viruses (mnemonic) BOAR. ALL are RNA viruses. Bunyavirus, orthomyxovirus (influenza), Arenavirus, Reovirus.
List the picornaviruses. What type of DNA/RNA do they contain? (mnemonic) (+)ssRNA, naked. Remember this as picoRNAvirus. Remember the viruses as "PERCH":Polio, echo, rhino, Coxsackie, HAV
What sx can be caused by the mumps virus? Prostitis, Orchitis, (testical inflammation), aseptic meningitis. Can cause sterility (esp after puberty)
Koplik spots are seen in what viral infection Measles
A genetic SHIFT is asso with what type of flu outbreak (epidemic or pandemic?), Genetic drift? Shift = Panemic. Drift = epidemic. A Sudden SHIFT is more deadly than a graDual Drift.
What antivirus is used for influenza A? Influenza B? A: Amantadine and rimantidine. zanamivir and oseltamavir (neuroaminidase inhibitors) can be used for both A and B
List the Arboviruses (mnemonic) Flavivirus, togavirus, bunyavirus (FTB), Fever transmitted by bites. Causes of dengue and yellow fever (flavivirus) hemorrhagic fever)
What is the vector of yellow fever? What virus? Aedes mosquito. Flavivirus. High fever, black vomit, jaundice, and acidophilic inclusions (councilman bodies) in the liver
Sx of yellow fever black vomit, jaundice, and acidophilic inclusions (councilman bodies) in the liver
What hepatitis is associate with cancer? Hep C. Cirrhosis, Caricinoma, Carrier, Chronic
What hepatitis virus is a flavivirus? Hep C (+)ssRNA
What mutation encodes for immunity to HIV? CCR5. Homozygous: immune. Hetero: slower course
What serologic marker indicates transmissibility of hep B? HBeAg. second antigenic determinentof HBV core (first is HBcAg). antibody to this marked by the presence of HBeAb indicates LOW transmissiability
What dose HBeAg indicate? It is a antigen determinent of the core protein of HBV used as an indicator transmissibilty. If it is present with no antibody to it (no HBeAb) then it the HBV is transmissible. (+)HBeAb = low transmissability.
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