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Science Chapters 1-5

History of Medicine

When did Imhotep live in Egypt? Thousands of years ago
What was the Hippocratic Oath? A pledge of proper conduct
How did Galen learn about the human body? Dissecting animals
What was bloodletting? A process used by doctors to put the four humors into balance
How did Sylvias teach his medical class? He lectured from books while his assistant carried out the dissection
Anatomy is the study of... The body
The word anatomy means... To cut (in Latin)
Vesalius studied ----- while Galen dissected------ 1. Skeletons of humans 2. Apes
What did barbers do in the 1500s Minor operations and first aid
Why didn't Paré learn to read and write in Latin and Greek? His family was poor
What position did Parè take in Paris A charity hospital
How did Paré treat gun shot wounds A soothing ointment
Paré said "The foundation for medicine must be----" Love and kindness
Finish: "I treated him, ---------- "God healed him"
Created by: GuineaPigwca