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Hatchet vocabulary

Foul Disgusting smells
Extensive Affecting a large area
Sloshing Moving through a liquid making a splashing sound
Pace Consistent speed
Wither Become dry or shrivled
Amphibious Living in, or suited for both land and water
Braces A device that clamps things tightly together
Interlaced Interweave
Murky Dark and gloomy
Motivated Provide someone with a motive
Diminish Make or become less
Twinge Sharp localized pain
Teetered Sway back and forth
Stranded Left on a shore
Pulverized Ruduce to fine particles
Inital Occurring at the beginning
Trikle Flow in a small stream
Slewed Turn or slide violently in a particular direction
Lushly Abundant vegetation
Abdomen Part of the body with the digestive organs
Welted Strike hard and heavily
Numb Deprived of power or sensatoin
Drenched Wet or soaked
Skittered Draw bait across the water
Gestures A body movement expressing an idea
šŸ¤¢ vomit Matter coming up the mouth
Matted Tangled into a thick mass
Crude Natural or raw state
Rivulets A very small stream
Rasping Harsh sounding and unpleasant
Scotched Wedge something somewhere
DiarrheašŸ’© Feces are discharged from bowels frequently and in liquid form
Receded Go or move back
Gorge Fill ones self with food
Seeping Flow or leak slowly through small holes
Gingerly In a careful manner
Vicious Violent
Waffling Fail to make up ones mind
Tangy Having a strong bitter flavor or smell
Doze Lightly sleeping
Lance Cut with a sharp insterment
Whine A long complaing cry
Tart Sharp to the taste
Trotted Go or walk briskly
Musty Damp smell
Segment Each of the parts of which something is to be divded
Imbedded Fix firmly and deeply in an surrounding mass
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