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Top 50 Latin Verbs

1st Principle Part2nd Principle Part3rd Principle Part4th Principle PartEnglish Meaning
fero ferre tuli latus bring, bear, carry, endure, say (in a gossipy fashion)
eo ire ivi itus go
facio facere feci factus make, do, fashion
fio fieri - factus be made, become
mitto mittere misi missus send
capio capere cepi captus capture, take, seize
video videre vidi visus see
dico dicere dixi dictus say, speak, tell
possum posse potui - be able, can
habeo habere habui habitus have, hold, hold an opinion
venio venire veni ventus come
ago agere egi actus do, happen, accomplish, lead, drive, spend
pono ponere posui positus put, place, serve
cedo cedere cessi cessus grant, yield; proceed (in a dignified fashion)
teneo tenere tenui tentus grasp, hold tightly
duco ducere duxi ductus lead, draw
sto stare steti status stand
lego legere legi lectus choose; read
verto vertere verti versus turn
peto petere petivi petitus ask, seek, head for
volo velle volui - wish, be willing
gnosco gnoscere gnovi gnotus be getting to know
sequor sequi - secutus follow
moveo movere movi motus influence; move
tendo tendere tetendi tensus stretch
scribo scribere scripsi scriptus write
voco vocare vocavi vocatus call
iacio iacere ieci iactus throw, cast, hurl
linquo linquere liqui lictus leave behind, abandon
quaero quaerere quaesivi quaesitus ask, seek, inquire
rapio rapere rapui raptus snatch, seize
cado cadere cecidi [casurus] fall
perio perire perivi peritus perish, die
fugio fugere fugi fugitus flee, avoid, escape
paro parare paravi paratus prepare
vinco vincere vici victus conquer, beat, win
-spicio -spicere -spexi -spectus look at, watch
puto putare putavi putatus think
iubeo iubere iussi iussus order
gero gerere gessi gestus bear, carry, wear
audio audire audivi auditus hear, listen to
credo credere credidi creditus believe; trust
premo premere pressi pressus press
pello pellere pepuli pulsus chase
fundo fundere fudi fusus pour; found, establish
statuo statuere statui statutus cause to stand, establish
solvo solvere solvi solutus dissolve, solve, pay
specto spectare spectavi spectatus look at, watch
curro currere cucurri cursus run
sum esse fui [futurus] be
do dare dedi datus give
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