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English 3

The Crucible Act 1 Questions

As the play opens, what appears to be wrong with Betty Parris? Betty seems to be asleep and will not wake up.
What happened in the forest that seems to be at the core of the current crisis? Abigail and Betty were dancing. Reverend Paris saw somebody naked
What reason does Abigail give for being dismissed by the Proctors? Good proctor hate her. They wanted slaves.
What are the townspeople saying about Abigail and why do they say that? The Goody Proctor will not go to church because she will not sit to someone who is soiled;
What is Parris main concern His Reputation
Why are people saying that Betty was flying They are gossip gone wild. They were making things up.
What do we find out is going on at the Putnam house when Mrs. Putnam arrive at Parris's her daughter roof seem to be sick. Her eyes are open. She can walk but is not eating or talking.
Why is Rev. Parris so terrified by what is going on in Salem? What does he fear may happen? He is scared his reputation and how his enemies will ruin him.
What had Mrs. Putnam done that caused Rev Parris to warn her about sinning? She sent Ruth to Tituba to conjure the death to find out who murdered her babies.
What are both Mrs. Putnam specifically interested in with Tituba's conjuring to find who murder her 7 babies
Why is Mary Warren so worried about is happening She is worried that they will be punished if they do not tell the truth
Who is the leader of the girls Abigail.
What is most important about the girl's conservation when no one else is around It reveals more information on what happened in the forest..
Now that time has passed, how does Abigail now feel about John proctor Abigail still loves /wants him
What does Rebecca Nurse think is wrong with Betty? How does she think it can be resolved Rebecca thinks she is acting like a child and in time she will wake up.
Why is it important that Rev hale comes to Salem? Reverend Hale is to look for signs of witchcraft. Rebecca feels his presence will cause the community to argue again.
What are the townspeople arguing about Land Firewood/ Lumber Money
Who is Putnam arguing about? Paris
How does John Proctor feel about Rev Parris? Why does he feel that way? he does not like Reverend Parris because he feels more concerned about money and god
What is the dispute between John Proctor and Thomas Putnam About Lumber and Land
if none of their disagreement seen important to their current dilemma, why do they argue They do not have anything better to do. Petty matters
What is Abigail motivation for what she did in the forest he want to curse goody Proctor
What is Betty motivation to lie inert in her bed through most of Act 1 She wants attention
What is Mary Warren's motivation when she tells the girls they all must confess to dancing in the woods To avoid punishment
What is Giles Corey's motivation for telling Rev. Hale that his wife is reading strange books To be part of the conversation with Rev. Hale
What is Tituba motivation for confessing to talking with the devil To avoid Pusnishment
And what is Tituba's motivation to confess and begin and begin naming names She heard the Putnams mention their names. They are easy targets
What is Abigail motivation to confess and begin naming names She was afraid Tituba will tell what she did in the forest, to avoid punshiment and to bring attention back to her
Why does Betty join in naming names She wants to join in to be part of the attention.
Who was singing in the forest that seems to be at the core of the current crisis? Tituba was singing Barbados songs.
How can you tell who the leader is? She threatens them and tells them what to do.
What is Abigail Specific interest in with Tituba's conjuring to curse Goody Proctor (Drank a charm to kill john proctor's wife)
What do we find out that really happended at the proctor farm when Abigail worked there? Abigail had an affair with John Proctor.
Who is Proctor arguing about? Proctor with Paris
Who is Rebecca Arguing about? Rebecca with Paris
Who is Giles Arguing about? Giles with Paris
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