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Name that Biotech Fi

Fermented foods and beverages Industrial and Environmental
Genetically engineered proteins for industry Industrial and Environmental
DNA identification/fingerprinting of endangered species Industrial and Environmental
Biocatalysts Industrial and Environmental
Biopolymers Industrial and Environmental
Biosensors, bioterrorism, and biodenfense
Industrial and Environmental
Bioremediation Industrial and Environmental
Medicines from plants, animals, fungi Medical/Pharmaceutical
Medicines from genetically engineered cells Medical/Pharmaceutical
Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Medical/Pharmaceutical
Vaccine and gene therapy Medical/Pharmaceutical
Prosthetics, artificial or engineered organs and tissues Medical/Pharmaceutical
Designer drugs and antibodies Medical/Pharmaceutical
Breeding of livestock and plant crops Agricultural
Aquaculture and marine biotechnology Agricultural
Horticultural products Agricultural
Asexual plant propagation and plant tissue culture Agricultural
Transgenic plants and animals Agricultural
Production of plant fibers Agricultural
Pharmaceutical in genetically engineered plant crops Agricultural
DNA and protein synthesis Diagnostic Research
DNA and protein sequencing, genomics, proteonomics Diagnostic Research
Genetic testing and screening Diagnostic Research
DNA identification and DNA fingerprinting, forensics Diagnostic Research
Bioinformatics, microarrays, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Diagnostic Research
RNAi, siRNA, miRNA Diagnostic Research
ELISA, Western Blots, protein identification, purification Diagnostic Research
Nanotechnology Diagnostic Research
Created by: Wallaby