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8 Unit 2 vocab

8th grade unit 2 vocab

corrosive causing another material to wear away, as if by rust
discard to throw away
factor one aspect of a problem; a thing that must be considered alone because it has an effect on the whole
hypothesis a statement given as an explanation; educated guess
inquiry an investigation; an examination of evidence to find a solution to a problem
isolate set apart from other things; place alone
iterative having a cycle; occurring over and over
legitimate having credibility; being recognized as true
valid being based upon sound principles and found to be correct
verify to prove correct
angstrom a metric unit equal to one hundred millionth of a centimeter
appropriate fitting and proper
cubic having the shape of a cube; having length, width, and heighth
density the ratio of an objects mass to its volume
derived created by a combination of factors
dimension a measurement such as length, width, or height
entrenched established securely and accepted
equivalent equal in size or quantity
extreme at the farthest point
graduation a step or degree
metric system the system of measurement based on the meter
prefix a group of letters used at the start of a word to give it meaning
adjacent near or close beside; touching or nearly touching
artifact an item made by humans
complexity a condition of being or complicated; having many parts
consecutive following one after another
data facts and information
hinder to get in the way of; to try to prevent
interpreting telling the meaning of
meticulous careful about details
progression movement from one to another
scale the proportion of a map or model to the thing it represents
tabular having to do with a table
topographical having to do with the physical properties and terrain of an area
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