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Science K-6


This type of rock was originally liquid below the Earth’s crust and is formed by lava and magma igneous
This type of rock is formed by heat and pressure metamorphic
Teacher is teaching a unit on seasons. She explains why summer days are longer and winter days are shorter. What should the teacher emphasize regarding the Earth when explaining this phenomenon? tilt on its axis
A river flows through a canyon and picks up silt. That sediment and silt runs downstream and deposits where the river ends. When that material gets to the beach it sits there. Over millions of years what forms? sedimentary rocks
The sun appears bigger than other stars because of: the distance Earth is from the sun
What affects the ocean tides? moon
What keeps the Earth from falling into the sun? There is a fairly constant gravitational force between the sun and the Earth keeping, the Earth in its orbit Kepler's law and Newton’s laws. The Earth is not moving fast enough to "escape" the sun's gravity and leave the solar system, but it is goin
The best way for a student to understand the reproductive organs of a flower is to: dissect a flower and examine its reproductive organs.
As random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival. This is called natural selection
Evolution occurs in populations
The six different kingdoms are plante, animalia, fungi, protista, eubacteria, archaebacteria.
Teacher is teaching her students that cells divide to make other cells. Teacher is teaching cell theory
A teacher wants students to understand the diet of an bird. The best way for students to understand this is by Dissecting the bird poop
A teacher takes his students outside to the sidewalk where a puddle of water has just evaporated. He asks a student to place her hand where the puddle was and the other hand where there was no puddle of water. The sidewalk will feel cooler where the puddle was than where there was no puddle
The particles in an atom that are negatively charged are: electrons
The gravitational pull of two objects depends on the mass of the two objects
Metals are good _____________________ in that electric current can flow freely down/through them conductors
In a magnet opposite sides ______________________ and same sides _______________________ attract, repel
A tree going through photosynthesis is using what type of energy? chemical energy
__________________ are atoms that have lost or gained one or more ___________________. ions, elections
These are made up of atoms that are held together by chemical bond molecules
_________________ happen when warmer, lighter air at the Equator moves toward the cooler air at the poles convection currents
_____________________ are made up of metals and rocky material, while __________________are made up of ice, dust and rocky material asteroids, comets
This event in history was pivotal in that it galvanized the U.S. space program and started what is known as the Space Race launch of Russia’s Sputnik
When metal rusts, this is called chemical weathering.
The Earth is getting hotter because high levels of carbon dioxide trap the sun’s radiation in the atmosphere.
When salt is dissolved in water, it disappears. However, you can still taste the salt. This is called solution
Teacher wants to show students when oil and water are shaken, no matter how hard, the oil can still be seen as little oil bubbles throughout the mixture. Mr. Jasper is showing the class a heterogeneous mixture
Teacher wants to conduct a lab with her students. What is the best way to ensure safety, efficiency, and student learning? Predetermine groups, assign specific roles for each student, and require a lab journal write-up
What would be the best way to demonstrate friction? Roll a skateboard down the sidewalk and then on the grass to show the difference in speed. Have students rub their hands together rapidly to observe the heat produced
A rock sitting on top of a hill has what kind of energy? potential
When you push a box through the doorway, you are using mechanical energy
Teacher wants to conduct a DNA extraction lab but does not have the expensive materials necessary to complete the process. What can teacher do to maximize the students’ learning even though they cannot physically do the lab? Utilize a web-based virtual lab that can be projected on a screen or SmartBoard in the front of the class
The best way for a group of students to collect and organize different data points, such as measures of plant growth by date, would be to use a spreadsheet
If a plant is growing in the corner of the room, the plant will most likely grow toward: the light
One of the biggest differences in plant cells and animal cells is plant cells have a cell wall, and animal cells have a cell membrane. animal cells have mitochondria, and plant cells have chloroplasts
Punnet squares were first introduced by ________________ to determine _____________________ Punnet, genotype
This animal has an open circulatory system grasshopper
The levels of organization, from smallest to largest, within an organism are: cell, tissues, organ, organ systems, organism
Eukaryotic organisms are _________________, and prokaryotic organisms are ___________________ multicellular, single cellular
A science teacher who works with chemicals in her room should store the chemical manual in her classroom where it can easily be accessed by anyone who needs it.
What would be the best way for a teacher to ensure her monolingual students, who are learning English, understand the complex lesson she will teach on cell division? Provide monolingual students materials in their native language along with text in English
Students have two cacti. Both cacti receive the same water and sunlight. They are in the same place within the room, and the temperature is the same for both. One gets fertilizer and the other does not. Identify the independent variable and the dependent The independent variable is the fertilizer. The dependent variable is the growth of the cacti in centimeters
Which would be the best way to activate students’ curiosity of the world around them? Have students go outside and identify as many living and nonliving things as they can
What would be the best way to demonstrate the difference in growth of the two cacti bar graph
What would be the best way for a teacher to assess how students apply the scientific method? Formatively assess students by walking around the lab and watch how students apply the scientific method.
A primary telescope uses a _____________________ lens reflective
In a lunar eclipse, what is the order of the Earth, sun, and moon? sun, Earth, moon
How do mosses reproduce Spores
What is the cause of breezy conditions on the beach and non-breezy conditions more inland The area near the shore and the inland areas are heating and cooling at different rates
When air rises, it becomes cooler and denser
What kind of lenses to microscopes use? reflective
The energy stored in food is chemical energy
The main skills a student needs to engage in science activities are: curiosity and inquiry.
A byproduct of cellular respiration is carbon dioxide
Which of the following animals goes through incomplete metamorphosis? Grasshopper
Something that stops the flow of electricity is called a insulator
What causes the Earth’s magnetism the inner and outer core rotation
Teacher wants to evaluate student learning in photosynthesis. She is having students conduct a lab to show their mastery of concepts covered in the photosynthesis unit. What kind of assessment is the teacher using? performance-based
teacher takes her students on a nature walk. During the walk, students observe nature and write down observations. What type of strategy are students engaging in? experiential learning
Student conducting experiment to see brand of fertilizer yields the most growth. All the pots have received the same amount of seeds, soil, water, and sunlight. The only difference is each pot receives one type of fertilizer. She observes add a control
students learn that the white moth has a rare genetic make-up that makes it difficult for predators to see it. The black moth does not have the same genetic make-up, and is easily seen by predators and eaten. The students are learning about: natural selection
Which of the following is present in plant cells but not present in animal cells? chloroplasts
Which of the following rocks is made from liquid magma granite
Tectonic plates slide against each other in opposite directions, causing a(n) earthquake
All cells contain all of these elements EXCEPT cell wall
bike left out in the rain forms rust in areas that were exposed to water. What kind of change is this chemical change
Which digital tools would be beneficial to students if they are looking up research other scientists have done regarding a topic of interest? data base
Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy baseball flying through the air
Which of the following would be the best way to differentiate in a science classroom lab stations
An organism that consumes food from its environment is a(n): heterotroph.
teacher is giving students a test at the end of a science unit. The grades from the test will be documented in the grade book and will impact students’ overall grades. She is giving a ________________ assessment. summative
Most _________________ have a closed circulatory system vertebrates
Which of the following are part of the scientific method observe, question, hypothesize
A(n) __________________ has lost or gained an electron ION
____________________ is the force resisting the motion of something. Friction
___________________ are formed when the Earth’s plates pull apart Divergent plate boundaries
Why is there no vaccine for the common cold? The common cold is caused by nearly 250 different viruses
Scientists classify living things (plant, animal, fungi, protists, eubacteria, archaebacteria). What scientist is responsible for this classification system Linnaeus
These are positively charged particles located in the nucleus of the atom protons
third grade science teacher is demonstrating conduction. What would be the most appropriate demonstration submerging a cold spoon in a bowl of hot water and observing the result
Before scientists can perform an experiment on human subjects, scientists must: Obtain informed concent
Teacher wants to introduce her students to cell theory. What would be the most appropriate tool to use to enhance student learning reading cell theory microscopes so students can observe cells in onion skin
teacher anticipates controversy as she begins planning for a lesson on evolution. What should she do? Notify the principal of her concerns and ask for guidance.
student is recording whether drinking Gatorade helps him jump rope more effectively than when he does not drink Gatorade. In this experiment, what is the independent variable Gatorade
Which is a compound H2O
Which of the following is the sphere where are all living things are contained? biosphere
Understanding that the Earth revolves around the sun is the ___________________ theory heliocentric
Student scored in the 85th percentile on a national test. What type of assessment did she take norm-referenced
Teacher is teaching students that cells divide to make more cells. What topic is the teacher covering cell theory
__________________ is when warm air becomes less dense and rises, cools, becomes denser and sinks Convection
What type of graph would be most appropriate to use when demonstrating growth over time line graph
When the full moon starts to appear smaller as each night goes on, the moon is waning
All of the water on the Earth is contained in the hydrosphere.
_____________ make their own food. autotrophs
What would be the most appropriate way to teach students classification Have students categorize different flowers based on size and color.
Which of the following is not part of an atom? ribosome
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