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Instant Japanese

we watashitachi
our watashitachi no
seat seki
nine kyu
number ban
and;with to
am,are,is desu
oh really?;is that right? aa,so desu ka
a little chotto
wait matte
please kudasai
how do you do? hajimemashite
company kaisha
no iie
many ooi
go,goes,is going,are going ikimasu
to,at,for,from,in ni;de
from kara
i watashi
may (month) go-gatsu
went ikimashita
very totemo
beautiful,pretty kirei(na)
isnt it? ne
work,your work shigoto, o-shigoto
through,by,within,on de
what nan,nani
work,works,am/are/is working hataraiteimasu
where doko
travel agency ryoko gaisha
worked,was/were working hataraiteimashita
now ima
than yori
more motto
interesting omoshiroi
three san
year/for the year nen/nenkan
(we)were imashita
and,and then,after that sorekara
one ichi
bank of japan nihon ginko
ten ju
how,what do
boring tsumaranai
everyday mainichi
late osoku
until,to made
but,however demo
house ie
have(own);is (ga)arimasu
(your own)wife tsuma
four,four people yon,yonin
children kodomo
is,there is (ga) imasu
(she)came kimashita
parents ryoshin
friend tomodachi
always itsumo
telephone denwa
(she)telephones denwa shiteimas
expensive,high takai
holiday yasumi
also mo
there soko
apartment apato
am not,are not, is not (talking about things) arimasen
mobile phone keitai denwa
won't/don't take motteikimasen
one night ippaku
I,we,etc. want to do shitai desu
not very amari
not expensive takakunai
double daburu
room heya
japanese-style room washitsu
japanese bath ofuro
how much? ikura
for two,for a couple futari de
7000 yen nana-sen en
credit card kurejitto kado
can't use tsukaemasen
right ja
please onegaishimasu
this way kochira
go ahead/here you are dozo
left side hidarigawa
not spacious hirokunai
(when stating a fact) n desu
but... ga
small,narrow semai
good,nice,all right ii
breakfast asagohan
8 o'clock hachi ji
tomorrow ashita
10:30 ju ji han
quarter to eight shichi ji yonjugo-fun
want to eat tabetai desu
15 minutes,quarter past jugo-hun sugi
want to go ikitai desu
(used when giving reason) kara
certainly kashikomarimashita
coffee kohi
want to drink nomitai desu
near here kono chikaku ni
coffee shop kissaten
this place,here koko
five minutes past go-hun sugi
30 meters sanju metoru
go and then... itte
right migi
turn and then magatte
straight on massugu
black tea kocha
sandwiches sandoicchi
toast tosuto
cake keki
etc. nado
two items futatsu
this kono
table teburu
dirty kitanai
toilets toire
not hot atsukunai
not bad warukunai
not delicious oishikunai
that ano
waiter ueta
handsome hansamu
what! E
altogether zembu de
Created by: scoobykvn