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Stack #2596473

Science Unit 13 Lesson 3

crushing physical change
freezing physical change
rusting chemical change
melting physical change
evaporation physical change
souring chemical change
boiling physical change
condensation physical change
cooking chemical change
tearing physical change
burning chemical change
change in which the form or shape of a substance changes, but the substance still has the same chemical makeup physical change
changes in one or more substances, caused by a reaction that form new and different substances chemical change
the process through which new substances are formed during a chemical change reaction
a law that states that matter cannot be made or destroyed; however, matter can be changed into a new form conservation of mass
burning wood into ash chemical change
sharpening a pencil physical change
rusting chains on a swing chemical change
milk souring chemical change
water freezing on branches physical change
dew on the morning grass physical change
crushing a can physical change
tearing a piece of paper in half physical change
dying a white t-shirt different colors physical change
the bumper on an old truck rusting chemical change
boiling a pot of water physical change
frying an egg in a pan chemical change
beads of water forming on a glass physical change
rain puddles evaporating in the sun physical change
icicles melting off a tree physical change
blue-green coating on the Statue of Liberty chemical change
cutting a slice from an apple pie physical change
rolling clay into a ball physical change
cracking an egg physical change
a strawberry rotting chemical change
bacteria decomposes leaves chemical change
gasoline burns in a car engine chemical change
mixing eggs, water, oil, and cake mix and baking it in the over chemical change
Created by: mrshassler