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Personality Disord

Mental Health - Psych Nursing

Described as...Don't care what others think - a loner; People tend to think they are a little "off" or creepy. Emotions bewilder them. They are unimpaired cognitively and do well at occupations that require little interactions. Schizoid
Described as... Empty, bland, barren; Often have strange ideation (on a mission) or use magical thinking; can have inappropriate affect; often describe seeing self from afar; sensitive to criticism of others Schizotypal
May become psychotic under stress but do not act violently; As soon as stress is relieved the agitation and delusions disappear. Psychoses rarely violent and more unpleasant than bizaar Paranoid
Have prob regulating emotion: clingy & demanding; have family hx of chaos (soap opera-like); ↑ likelihood of physical/sexual abuse hx. Reactions: way out of proportion; relationships swing from ideation to devaluation; ↑ rescue ↓ risk suicide attempts Borderline
Preoccupied w/power & prestige; often over est. self importance, extremely self-centered; lack empathy/concern for others; need admiration/approval; feel entitled to control/exploit others; charming outside-cold underneath; rarely seek tx b/c = perfect Narcissistic
Conman: intelligent & Charming; Contempt for authority; No conscience-disregard/violates the rights of others; Dx requires prev dx of Conduct Disorder in childhood; can be incarcerated or successful on Wallstreet/Military Antisocial
Powder keg of deep ambivalence; Channel turmoil thru preoccupation with order, cleanliness, & control; Contempt for the frivolous & impulsive; good employees = selfless, loyal, dependable, meticulous, industrious Obsessive Compulsive
Socially inhib due to feelings of inadequacy; Shy to extreme-feel invisible; ↓ self esteem; desire affection/accept but too afraid of rejection; painfully feel lonely/isolated; differ from social phobia b/c 9+ all settings not just performance/observation Avoidant
Need to be taken care of; clinging/helpless; feelings of inadequacy/insecurity; Uses illness to gain support/attn; Exhaust others and often ½ of co-depend relationship; Men – mammas boy or Women dependent on Man. Dependent
Difficulty making decisions; Needy in relationships; unable to assume responsibility for own life; unable to express disagreement; uncomfortable/helpless when alone Dependent
Obsessed with being liked; fear of shame/ridicule; inhibited in interpersonal relationships; feels socially inept; reluctant to take risks (fear of defeat) Avoidant
Preoccupied with details, lists, rules; perfectionist, excessively devoted to work; overly conscientious; Rigid, stubborn, inflexible Obsessive Compulsive
Contempt for authority; Lack of remorse; Disregard for/violation of rights of others; Repeated illegal acts; Pervasive impulsivity; Repeated fights/assaults; Reckless disregard for safety of self/others; Competitive, ruthless, power-hungry Antisocial
Uncomfortable when not the center of attn; Inappropriate sexually provocative behavior; Emotional labile; Dramatic dress & behavior; Highly suggestible; Unrealistic in relationships Histrionic
Desperate for attn; master manipulators – often use seductive talk/dress; theatrical displays of emotion; flamboyant in dress; superficial; Men=macho talk; bottomless pit for esteem & tribute → failure = anxious & dejected Histrionic
Grandiose sense of self-importance; Requires admiration of others; Sense of entitlement; Interpersonally exploitive; Lacks empathy; Arrogant & pretentious Narcissistic
Fear of abandonment; Unstable interpersonal relationships; Identity disturbance; Chronic feelings of emptiness; Suicidal/Self Inflicting behaviors; Labile/volatile mood; Transient psychotic episodes; Impulsivity Borderline
Suspicious of others w/out grounds; Reads hidden negative meaning into benign remarks/events; Persistently bears grudges; Preoccupied w/doubts about loyalty of friends, spouses or associates Paranoid
Acute discomfort w/social & interpersonal relationships; Cognitive/perceptual distortions & eccentric behavior; Odd beliefs, thinking & speech; Lack of close friends Schizotypal
Pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships; Restricted range of emotions; Has little interests or enjoyment in close relationships – including family Schizoid
Created by: nursenubie