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8 Rdg Unit 1 Vocab

aloof withdrawn; keeping to oneself
astonied bewildered, shocked
beat area regularly covered by a police officer
betokening indicating
blancmange a cornstarch pudding
bric-a-brac small ornament object
Brooke Laurie's private teacher
bully excellently
chastisement punishment
comeliness attractiveness
complacently matter-of-factly
conservatory greenhouse
delft-blue a style of glazed earthenware pottery, usually blue and white, originally made in Delft, Netherlands
demoralized disheartened; discouraged
disconcerted unpleasantly surprised
drawing-room a large room for greeting guests
esteemed regarded with respect
evolutions changes
fancy imagination
fender screen
flagged declined in strength
for'd forward
grizzled streaked with or partly gray
half nelson a wrestling hold
inexplicably incapable of being explained
johnny cake cornmeal bread shaped into a flat cake
lankest longest
Laurie nickname for Theodore Laurence
little guy one who was resembled the rag dolls representing the British traitor Guy Fawkes
liveried uniformed
mutton meat from a sheep
paddocks fields
paling fence posts
pinafore sleeveless garment like an apron over a dress
plodder a slow or deliberate individual
proposition matter to be dealt with
racket move with a loud distressing noise
redoubtable frightening; intimidating
regent board member
reveled took great delight
sack loose coat
sacking wrapper made from brown paper
scandalizing sallied out
scuttle pail
sell disappointment
smartly forcibly, sharply
spartan simple; avoiding luxury
stalwart sturdy
tartly sharp or bitter in tone or meaning
titular in name only
traipsing walking or tramping about
travail agony
vivacity liveliness
wattles crude shelters constructed of woven twigs and branches
Created by: Mrs_CC
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