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Figurative Lang. 4

personification alliteration onomatopoeia

The wildfire ran through the forest at an amazing speed. Personification
Sue sang a sweet song. Alliteration
The thunder was grumbling throughout the night. Personification
Bang, went the storm door when the wind blew. Onomatopoeia
Time flies and waits for no one Personification
My flowers are begging for water Personification
The stairs groaned as he walked up them Personification
Traffic slowed to a crawl. Personification
The car's headlights winked at me. Personification
Lightning danced across the night time sky. Personification
My teeth were chattering as we walked through the cold. Omomatopoeia
The pig squealed. Onomatopoeia
Baa, Baa said the sheep in the pasture. Onomatopoeia
The blinds rattled in the wind. Onomatopoeia
The cat purred as I pet her. Onomatopoeia
Ronald Reagan Alliteration
Porky Pig Alliteration
Orlon's owl out-preformed the ostrich. Alliteration
Zach zeroed in on zoo-keeping. Alliteration
The library book leaped off the table. Personification
Created by: gbrite