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What disease would a Sodium Controlled diet be ordered for? Cardiac Disease
Define Dysphagia Difficulty Swallowing
What type of diet with have few if any restrictions? Regular or house
What type of diet might be ordered after surgery? A Clear Liquid Diet
What types of foods would be allowed on a clear liquid diet? Water, apple or grape juice, gelatin, popsicles, gingerale
What types of foods would be allowed on a Full Liquid Diet? All food from the clear liquid, any food that is liquid at body temperature: custard, ice cream, egg nog, pudding, sherbet
What types of foods would be omitted on a soft diet? Meat and shellfish with tough connective tissue, coarse cereals, rich desserts, fried foods, raw veggies nuts, coconuts
What type of diet is ordered for the overweight person? Low Calorie or calorie controlled
What foods would be avoided on a low calorie diet? Butter, cream, whole milk, cream soups or gravies, sweet soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, salad dressings, fatty meats, candy and rich desserts
What type of diet would be ordered for an underweight person, or someone with hyperthyroidism or cancer? High Calorie
What types of foods would be given for a high calorie diet? Extra protein and carbs.
What type of diet would be given to a person with atherosclerosis and/or heart disease Low Cholesterol
What foods are limited on a low cholesterol diet? Foods high is saturated fats: beef, liver, pork lamb, egg yolk, cream, cheese, natural cheeses. shellfish, whole milk, coconut and palm oils
What type of diet would a person with gallbladder and liver disease be on? Fat Restricted or Low-Fat Diet
What foods are restricted on a low fat diet? Avoid cream, whole milk, cheese, fats, fatty meats, rich desserts, chocolate, fried foods, salad dressings, nuts, and coconut
What type of diet would an individual with certain kidney diseases be on? Low protein
A person with ulcers or other digestive disorders may be ordered this type of diet Bland
What foods are avoided on a bland diet? Avoid coarse foods, fried foods, highly seasoned foods, pastries, raw fruits and veggies, alcohol, carbonated beverages, nuts, coffee, tea, smoked and salted meats and fish.
If the amount of fluid taken in exceeds the amount put out. this will result Edema
If the fluid output exceeds intake, this will occur Dehydration
Individuals with digestive and rectal diseases such as colitis or diarrhea will be ordered this type of diet Low Residue
What foods are restricted or low residue diet? Eliminates or limits foods high in bulk or fiber such as raw fruits and veggies, whole grains and cereals, nuts, seeds, beans and peas, coconut, and fried foods
The average adult requires how many milliltters of water per day 1500 to survive
Water requirements are increased under what circumstances? The water requirement increases with: Hot weather Exercise Fever and illness Excess fluid losses
NPO Nothing by mouth (NPO): the person cannot eat or drink anything.
If a person has thickened liquids ordered, it is ok to use regular tap water to brush when brushing their teeth? No, the water must be thickened to the prescribed consistency
When are between meal nourishment served? When they arrive on the unit
What steps should be taken when preparing ice water? Use a scoop when getting the ice out of the container. The scoop should not be stored in the ice bin.
Created by: dkayes