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Biology OYO

Module 1

1.1a Are tigers carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Carnivores-Tigers only eat meat; thus they are carnivores.
1.1b Are cows carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Herbivores-Cows eat grass. This makes them herbivores.
1.1c Are humans carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Omnivores-Humans eat plants and meat. This makes us omnivores.
1.1d Are sheep carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? Herbivores-Sheep graze on grasses. This makes them herbivores.
1.2a Are rose bushes producers, consumers, or decomposers? Producers-Rose bushes have green stems and leaves to produce food via photosynthesis.
1.2b Is yeast (a fungus) producers, consumers, or decomposers? Decomposers-Almost all fugi are decomposers.
1.2c Are lions producers, consumers, or decomposers? Consumers-Lions depend on other organisms for food.
1.2d Are humans producers, consumers, or decomposers? Consumers-Humans depend on other organisms for food.
1.3 A biologist studies an organism and then two of its offspring. They are all identical in every possible way. Do these organisms reproduce sexually or asexually? These orgamisms reproduce asexually. If they reproduced sexually, the offsprings' traits would be a blend of both parents' traits. Since these offspring are identical to the organism that produced them, this must be asexual reproduction.
1.4 When trying to convince you of something, people will often insert "Science has proven..." at the beginning of a statement. Can science actually prove something? Why or why not? Science cannot prove anything. The best science can say is that all known data support a given statement. However, since all data come from experiments which might be flawed, there is no way that science can prove anything.
1.5 A scientist makes a few observations and develops an explanation for the observations that he has made. At this point, is the explanation a hypothesis, theory, or scientific fact? It is a hypothesis. The explanation will have to be tested with a significant amount of data before it can even be considered a theory.
1.6 Suppose you chose two organisms at random out of a list of the mebers of kingdom Plantae, then you chose two organisms at random out of a list of the members of family Pinacae. in which case would you expect the two organisms to be the most similar? Since family is several steps down from kingdom, the organisms in the same family should be much more similar.
1.7 You compare several organisms from different orders within a given class. You then compare organisms from different classes. In which case would you expect the differences to be greatest? Since class is one step higher than order, the organisms from different classes should have more differences.
1.8 An organism is made up of one eukaryotic cell. To what kingdom does it belong? Protista-This kingdom has the single-celled eukaryotes.
1.9 An organism is multicellular and an autotroph. To what kingdom does it belong? Plantae-Almost all autotrophs belong in this kingdom.
1.10 An organism is multicellular with eukaryotic cells. It is also a decomposer. To what kingdom does it belong? Fungi- Most decomposers are in this kingdom.
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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