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Japanese B1

English to Romanji

I Watashi
We Watashi-tachi
You Anata
you (plural) anata-tachi
girls's name mami
he kare
she kanojo
am ,are, is (to be) desu
negative form of "desu" Ja/dewa arimasen
question marker ? ka
Japanese person nihon-jin
Australian person oosutoraria-jin
yes hai
no iie
Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms (honorific title) -san
nice to meet you doozo yoroshiku
good morning ohayoo gozai-masu
how do you do? hajimemashite
good evening konbanwa
good night oyasumi nasai
good bye sayoonara
this kore
that sore
that over there are
what nan
watch/clock tokee
pencil enpitsu
pen pen
book hon
camera kamera
letter tegami
car kuruma
TV terebi
radio rajio
bag kaban
phone denwa
house ie
desk tsukue
chair isu
stamp kitte
umberella kasa
flower hana
glue nori
number ban
dollars Doru
cents sento
clock (saying time) ji
month gatsu
today kyoo
day yoobi
Yen (saying cost in yen) en
Cambodia Kanbojia
China Chuugoku
Hong Kong HonKon
Indonesia Indoneshia
Japan Nihon
Malaysia Mareeshia
Myanmar Myanmaa
Pakistan Pakisutan
Philippines Firipin
Singapore Shingapooru
Korea Kankoku
Sri Lanka Suriranka
Taiwan Taiwan
Thailand Tai
Vietnam Betonamu
India Indo
Australia Oostoraria
Guam Guamu
Brazil Burajiru
France Furansu
Germany Doitsu
Italy Itaria
Netherlands Oranda
Russia Roshia
UK Igirisu
Canada Kanada
Cuba Kyuuba
Mexico Mekishiko
America Amerika
Belgium Berugii
Spain Supein
Scotland Sukottorando
Switzerland Suisu
Egypt Ejiputo
Iran Iran
Turkey Toruko
Mongolia Mongoru
Austria Oosutoria
fish sakana
crab koni
dog inu
cat neko
saw noko
moon tsuki
home uchi
Created by: Rmt134



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